Thanks to the prosperity of tourism in the Kingdom of Bahrain due to many advantages and factors that include the ancient and modern, such as the effects of the ancient Dilmun civilization, the Bahrain Fort and the Museum of Islamic House of Archeology, in addition to modern landmarks such as the Formula 1 racing circuit and facilities and entertainment events such as the annual Spring of Culture Festival.
Get to know some of the features of Bahrain and its beautiful tourist attractions through these ten pictures:

Manama is characterized by modern buildings and skyscrapers


Traditional Dhow ships, which are symbols of the heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain


This tree is called the gray Ghaf type “Tree of Life” as there is no water source near it and is four hundred years old


Ahmed Al Fateh Mosque is the largest mosque in Bahrain


The historic Qudaibiya Mosque is one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture in Bahrain


Arad Castle dates back to the fifteenth century


The ruins of the ancient Dilmun civilization were found in Bahrain Fort


In the past, wind towers (malaqaf) were used to cool homes and mosques


The Shia Bridge, Isa bin Salman, connects the Busaiteen area to the diplomatic area across the Gulf of Bahrain


Al-Qalali boasts the colors of its light buildings


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