Beylerbeyi Palace, which literally means Lord of the Lords Palace, is one of the Istanbul palaces located in the Pilar Bay neighborhood of Istanbul’s Escudar district, which is located in the Asian Istanbul city of Istanbul, and was built as an imperial summer Ottoman headquarters and a place of entertainment in the 1960s. It includes 24 rooms, 6 halls, and a Turkish bath, for the purpose of receiving heads of state and their dignitaries in it, and is currently considered one of the most important places of tourism in Ottoman Turkey.
The palace was used as the last residence of the families of Sultan Abdul Hamid II from 1912, and until his death there in 1918, it was designed in the second conservative imperial style, and it looks more attractive when viewed from the Bosphorus Bridge Bridge, and located below the palace is a historical tunnel, which was used as a road linking Escudar Surrounding areas, then used as a museum, and in 2016 AD, the tunnel was reopened to traffic to ease congestion on the coastal road beneath the Bosphorus Bridge.

Pilar Bey Palace is one of Istanbul's palaces and one of the historical historical places of Istanbul

Things to do in Pilar Bey Istanbul

• From the beginning, you can enjoy a tour of the Bosphorus Strait Bridge to see the palace, and to take some panoramic pictures of the wings of the Hermel and the Hermelion overlooking it.
Pilar Bey Palace

• You can participate in the Bosphorus Strait tour that passes in front of the historical Pilar Bay Palace, and take pictures of the building’s facades.

Pilar Baye

• Then to reach the entrance to the palace, you have to walk in a narrow alley, which includes a gift shop, where you can buy some souvenirs.

Pilarby Palace

• Do not forget when you arrive at the entrance to the palace, take some memorial photos in front of its huge gate, with its marble columns, and the gilded sculpture topped.


Then he wandered around the palace square and its garden, which includes limestone columns and striking rock sculptures.

The Istanbul Palace of Belarus

• The palace gardens are full of various trees, and enjoy wonderful views of the Bosphorus, shaded balconies, fountains and water basins worth watching.

Belarusian Istanbul

• As you enter the palace lobby, you will notice the grandeur of the interior design, royal furniture, colorful chandeliers, gilded stairs, copper ornaments, and roof drawings.

Pilar Bay Istanbul

• Then head towards the palace reception hall, which includes a water basin and a fountain, decorated with gilded columns, copper vessels, and French crystal chandeliers.

Pilar Bay Istanbul

• Visit the Hammam of the Turkish Palace, and from there to the tunnel of the palace, which was established in the early 19th century AD, and take some memorial photos.

Pillar Bey Palace Istanbul

• You can also visit Istanbul landmarks near the palace, such as Escudar Istanbul, Istanbul Girl Tower, Sultana Mosque, Mahrama, and also Tel Aviv Bridal Brides with its charming views.

Pillar Bey Palace Istanbul

Entry prices to Pilar Bay

40 Turkish Liras per person, equivalent to 6,78 USD.


Everyday from 9 am to 5 pm, except for Mondays, the palace weekend.

The best Istanbul hotels near the Pillar Bey Palace

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Pilar Bey Palace site

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