Traveling is a great experience, and of course traveling with friends is a more wonderful experience … often. As traveling with friends has two sides, for the experience to be wonderful, full of adventure and fun, or there may be differences that eliminate all the positives of this trip so that you wish you went alone!

And to avoid any difference in views between friends, you have a list of golden tips and experiences presented by experts traveled in the world, so that you can enjoy your journey in comfort and tranquility.

10 mistakes made by new travelers .. Avoid them

What does everyone want?

This is the most important thing and should be discussed before planning anything related to travel. For example, not because you want to travel to Greece or Italy, this means that everyone wants to do the same things there. You may all think of beaches and monuments, but once you want to visit the beaches by 90%, and the excitement is allocated to them 10%, while your friends want the opposite, then the clash will happen! This happens a lot, and even when planning, some people when they arrive in a country, all they want to do is stay up until dawn and sleep until the afternoon, so talking about all these things is extremely important.

How does everyone prefer to travel?

Another question that must be asked to everyone. It is travelers who prefer walking a lot and using public transport while others (and this happens a lot) can not travel except by securing a private car rental for transportation! Even for hotels, some want only a small stay that is not necessarily luxurious, while there is a hotel that is half of the travel and wants to provide all the amenities in its choice. Discuss this point in detail.

Questions to ask before booking your next trip

No need for everyone to participate in every activity!

In the first trips, this error occurs .. It makes no sense for all members of the trip to participate in every activity that someone wants to do. On the contrary, the best experience is that every person does what he really wants during the day, for example, when everyone meets at a specific time and place, then they talk about what they have done, they share ideas, and they are full of activity … Try it.

Be soft … if you can

As in any human relationship, the individual must sometimes make concessions to reach consensus. So if opinions diverge and I think you can make some more, do so as this may cause things to go well. Perhaps put things on your list that you would like to do on another trip to the same place as you would be more comfortable. It is important not to sinter the atmosphere with any cloudy clouds. But…

… do not back down too much!

This point complements the order that preceded it. In exchange for the concessions that can be made, your friends may radiate the annoyance of not making any decision or not introducing any new proposals and walking with everything that is agreed upon .. Show that you are ready to make a decision when it must be done clearly and with pleasure.

Everyone needs a special time

Even when traveling, everyone needs a little bit of their own time, especially people who are themselves traveling in a group. It is not an escape from friends, but perhaps a journey on foot, listening to music, or perhaps visiting his office … In this, each of you will be “recharged the social battery”.

Etiquette travel between your hands

Don’t focus on numbles

Money is often a reason for discussions between friends during travel. When you find, for example, that some dollars decrease you by paying a bill that you do not let that spoil the pleasure of the trip, solve it quickly. This is, of course, if you notice that someone is clearly evading paying the money in full, but basically you did not travel with such a person? The important thing is not to let the money spoil your travel and believe me this is happening.

They decide how to divide the payment!

One of the embarrassing things that may happen between friends sometimes, especially if they are not close enough is the division of bills in restaurants. The best solution is to talk about that beforehand, as some may agree to divide it among all of them, no matter what each of them has requested and others may decide that each person pay their request. It is a personal choice, but it must be talked with caution and wisdom in order to avoid any confusion!

Do not make decisions when hungry or angry!

Golden rule. Not only in life but also in travel, do not make any decisions when you feel hungry, it will definitely control you! Add to that anger and you will get explosive conversations with friends .. Avoid all of that, get delicious food and then solve any problem!

the key

The key to a successful travel with friends, as in most things in life, is communication. Establish permanent lines of communication between you and do not let anything go by without you speaking, especially in the event of anger or grief among you, share your thoughts calmly and you will arrive at a wonderful journey free of troubles.

Great travel advice with friends
Great travel advice with friends

Plan well before choosing what you want to do while traveling

Plan well before choosing what you want to do while traveling

Traveling with friends can sometimes bring unpleasant surprises
Traveling with friends can sometimes bring unpleasant surprises

Communication is key to resolving any differences during travel
Communication is key to resolving any differences during travel

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