Sri Lanka is located in southern India and north of the Maldives. Its fame as a tourist destination dates back to ancient times. In the twelfth century AD, the famous European traveler Marco Polo wrote about the beauty of Sri Lanka, describing it as “the most beautiful island in the world.” This is because of its abundant natural qualifications in the splendor and also because of the contents and ancient buildings that bear witness to the civilizations that passed through Sri Lanka. Here are 10 great photos that will convince you to visit Sri Lanka:

1- Religious temples

Sima Malacca Temple
Sri Lanka has a large number of Buddhist and Hindu temples and mosques and churches due to the presence of several religions. This multiplicity created riches on different levels, including architecture, customs, languages, food, etc.

2- MazSpread the tea

Tea plantation

Tea plantations are a wonderful sight that tourists might see when they visit Sri Lanka, as the country is a tea producer. Tea is a pillar of the Sri Lankan economy, as it provides employment opportunities.

3- Wildlife


Despite its small size, Sri Lanka has a rich and varied wildlife. It contains reserves that embrace many types of animals and plants.

4- Traditional fishing

Traditional hunters

Sri Lankan fishermen still maintain the traditional method of fishing, and can be seen when visiting the sprawling villages on the coast of Sri Lanka.

5- Delicious food

Sri Lankan eating

Sri Lankan food is similar to its Indian counterpart, it is rich in spices and spices and its fish are frequently used because Sri Lanka has an important fish wealth.

6- Picturesque beaches

Wonderful beaches

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean in all its aspects, so it has many wonderful beaches with moderate tropical temperatures, in addition to coral reefs for adventure lovers, in addition to the wonderful golden sands, lavish seafood and fun waters that capture the most beautiful pictures.

7- Lion Rock

Lion Rock

The region, which includes Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Anuradhapura, is called the cultural triangle, and it is one of the World Heritage areas and is famous for the presence of that rock on which one of the kings of ancient Sri Lanka built its castle.

8- Coastal villages

Sri Lanka

Coastal villages are spread along the shores of the island of Sri Lanka, and boats can be seen leaving the coast and returning with loads of delicious seafood and fish.

9- Customs and traditions of Sri Lanka

customs and traditions

Sri Lanka is considered one of the first strongholds of Buddhism, and by it I wrote the first known texts of this religion. The majority of the population owes Buddhism and whoever comes Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. This diversity enriches the customs and traditions of Sri Lanka.
Modern citiesFor hundreds of years, Colombo was known to Romen, Arab, and Chinese merchants. The Muslims settled in Colombo in the eighth century AD because of the importance of the economic port, which was the center of trade between the Sinhalese kingdoms and beyond. In the sixteenth century, the Portuguese arrived in Colombo, drove Muslims out of it, and built fortresses there to protect their spice trade.

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