Many people worry when they leave home for travelAnd this anxiety is the result of fear of any surprises that may occur at home when they are absent from it, but you do not need to worry if my lady followed these tips that benefit you ..

Firstly: Above all, you should take home your God, who does not waste his deposits and fortify him with dhikr.

Second: When leaving home it is important that the air conditioner is set to 23 or 24 degrees.

Third: Ensure that windows and doors are closed and all water and gas valves are closed, if any.

Fourthly: If you are watching a series on TV, do not forget that the receiver timer is for recording all episodes.

Fifthly: Ensure that all electrical and electronic devices are removed from the sockets.

Sixthly: If you have a pet, it is necessary to take it on your trip or leave it in one of the pets if the place or means of transportation does not allow them.

Seventh: If you have indoor plants, do not hesitate to go to a botanical store to take care of them during your absence.

Eighth: If you are subscribed to the daily newspaper service, it is best to call to stop it temporarily so that it does not accumulate at the door.

Ninth: Dispose of all items in the refrigerator with the door open and disconnected from it, as well as washing all the clothes and cleaning and arranging the house before traveling.

Tenth: Pay all water and electricity bills so that they are not disconnected while you are away.

Finally, do not forget, madam, that you put your home key to a close person, even if any emergency thing happens that can act.

It remains to point out that in Dubai there is a “housing security” service that is provided by the police free of charge so you only need to enter the Dubai Police website and from it to the housing security program, and fill out the form prepared for particiAl Bahahn and send it electronically, indicating the date of travel and return, and the names of some of the close relatives who They can be sought if necessary.

10 important tips when leaving home to travel
10 important tips when leaving home to travel

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