The first tourist trip abroad is always more enjoyable than any other trip, as we are about to experience a new experience and our feelings await this moment. But with this enthusiasm, it is self-evident that the first-time travelers make some mistakes and this is okay, as we end up learning from our experiences, but we may help you today to avoid some of these mistakes in our list that we have prepared from 10 famous mistakes that travelers make for the first time.

Reserve everything in advance

It is a good thing to plan our trip in all respects, and for example hotels, transportation, and even eating places, as we will not have to worry about everything. But upon arrival we will know that it is better to leave some sheets and some space of freedom! Book important things, of course, but allow yourself some room to change course and let your experiences lead you to test things that you did not know previously. In summary, discover the pleasure of traveling.

Dealing with travel agents .. for everything

At a time when it is easy to book all the details of your trip yourself online, some feel safer if they book through travel agencies and agents. It’s okay. But it is not necessary to use agents in all matters such as plane tickets, residency cards, etc. Remember that you will save money if you take these steps yourself.

Fear of the locals

It is difficult to know from the first time the difference between the friendly locals welcoming tourists and those looking for opportunities to try to steal your belongings, for example if they knew you were a tourist. What you should know is that the vast majority in any country is impossible to deal with you as badly, so that you move away from the fear of locals or at least do not show that but rather treat friendly with them and you will gain friends maybe with life.

Fraud exposure

New travelers are the easiest target for fraudsters automatically, and perhaps we were exposed to situations like all of them. For example, for the first time that I traveled, I was paid a large amount of cash for a taxi driver, but he repaid the rest to me in an old currency that has no value, and I only knew that when I got to the hotel. So it is better in any case not to carry a lot of money directly with you, as this will reduce the chances of success of fraud.

Try to see everything

This is the reason why trips to “visit 7 countries in 12 days” are of interest to many, as they think it is perfect to see everything in a world. But in fact, you should know that traveling in essence is the pleasure of exploring. Instead of seeing everything at once, slow down, discover a country with all its beauty, or maybe two …

Reducing money outlook

A clear fact in this area: everything will cost more than you thought. So always before you travel make sure you have enough money for emergency situations.

Random packaging

The most important mistake that many make is to pack a lot of things, especially when traveling for the first time, especially the many clothes, but you must know that you will buy a lot of things, especially in the event you visit the destination for the first time. I am satisfied with only the basics, so do not take more than two shoes or 3 shoes and more than 3 pants …

Binge purchase

Also, you can make a lot of packaging, you should pay attention to the purchase randomly and without importance. Therefore, determine what you want from the souvenirs in advance. Temptations may be many in front of you, but you should not fall prey to voracious purchase without planning.

Insurance is important

Do not think that the insurance is not important, on the contrary, you need travel insurance even if you plan to spend a week relaxing inside a resort. Because in the event that an accident occurs, or you get sick or lose your bags, you need insurance that provides you with the basics in these cases instead of feeling disappointed and spoiling your entire trip.

The tour guide is not sacred!

It is a good idea to have one of the tourist brochures and maps that give you information and maps. But the mistake that many travelers make for the first time is to adhere to what is contained in these books literally and they visit the mentioned restaurants and museums that these brochures put out, but you have to make sure that there is a lot to do and discover what is not recorded in it so these books are not sacred. Use them when you need them, but leave yourself the pleasure of exploring.

Advice guide for travel without problems
Advice guide for travel without problems

Avoid these mistakes to enjoy a unique travel experience

Avoid these mistakes to enjoy a unique travel experience

Maps are not everything to discover the destination
Maps are not everything to discover the destination

Follow these tips to spend your journey safely and enjoyably
Follow these tips to spend your journey safely and enjoyably

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