10 mistakes made by new travelers: this is how you avoid them!

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Even the most experienced travelers may sometimes fall into some unexpected bumps from canceling or delaying flights, missing important papers or not delivering bags. But these things cannot be avoided, while there are many other things that we can attend to so that we do not fall into trouble and that all our journeys go according to the correct pattern.

Today we will present 10 mistakes made by new travelers and tips to avoid them. These “he” tips will save you time, money and effort so that you can devote attention to every detail of your trip!

It is harmful as a first step to verify the passport and renew it, if necessary. But even if you have a valid passport, we must make sure that an important factor is the validity of this passport. Countries like Russia or China, for example, require that the passport be valid for 6 months before the date of return from the trip, while European Union countries require that the validity be at least 3 months. It is also important to make sure of the request for the final destination of the entry visa or “visa” so the search is mandatory in this case to know the requirements of each country as there is one of them that needs to submit an application before a long period of travel and some of it does not need a visa …

Communication cost

New travelers make a big mistake costing them a lot of money and it’s related to their cellphone phones. As it is necessary to ascertain the costs of doing your telephone abroad, as it is advisable to develop a plan for the amount of data we need abroad. For example, it is also possible to purchase a foreign line in the country we are visiting, and this saves a lot of money as roaming services are expensive, so it is advised to stop or replace them.

Money transfer

Do not transfer your money for local work directly from the airport! You will not believe the difference in prices sometimes and do not transfer this money in one go, sometimes the prices vary from day to day. It is also advisable to check with your bank about the commission rate if you use a bank credit card.

Travel Tickets

Some airlines allow adjustments to travel cards 24 hours before the flight, while other airlines may charge some fees even long before the flight. Therefore, before making any reservations, you should carefully review the conditions of each company in anticipation of any possible changes. In the event that you can change your travel date, in many cases the price of the card is less expensive on the same day you travel (of course if there are places available).


No one wants to hear the phrase “Your baggage weight exceeds the allowed limit” during travel registration! So in order to not reach to hear this sentence, check the permissible weight, as it varies from company to company and destination to another. And before that we must adopt smart packaging, it is necessary not to overload the clothes, which we will only use half of them at best.

Necessary copies

We may be very careful for the safety of our travel, but we repeat that the unexpected may happen. Therefore, you should make sure to keep copies of your passport, visa, credit cards and other important documents as we recommend that you leave other copies with a family member at home for more safety.

Inform your bank

One must not forget a thing that most travelers forget, which is to inform our bank that we are traveling. Most banks have systems to stop any possible thefts, as they deliberately freeze the account, for example, if you notice that the process of withdrawing money took place in a country where you are not resident. No one wants to suddenly freeze their account!

Realistic expectations

We must be convinced that it is impossible to do everything we want in one trip! Here realistic expectations should be set instead of very hard-working and answering our hope. We should not see and do whatever we want in the first time, but it is necessary that we focus on testing and choosing what we really want instead of moving quickly to something else …

Connect with the residents

The actual way to discover the country we want to visit is to communicate with the local population, as these will avoid all technological applications and tourist guides. Talk to the residents while you are in the markets, cafes or restaurants, and you will find welcome reactions and may make friends as well …

Impose you

Finally, it is imperative that you “impose” you as a tourist is to familiarize yourself with the basics of dealing and traditions in the country that you intend to visit. You should focus on keeping respect for the etiquette used in this country. What is normal in your city may be irritating elsewhere!

10 mistakes made by new travelers this is how you - 10 mistakes made by new travelers: this is how you avoid them!
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