Tourism in Malaysia has exceeded all eastern and western expectations, as it has attained the highest levels of tourist attraction and ranked first among East Asian tourist countries.
And spread many of the most beautiful landscapes in Malaysia, where shiny lakes, crystal beaches, bright green spaces, and attract the nature of Malaysia charming lovers of life and open spaces.
It also means large numbers of families and newlyweds from all walks of life to spend enjoyable times, as it is an integrated country with unparalleled natural ingredients.

The most beautiful natural scenery in Malaysia

Best hotels in Malaysia

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Nature in Malaysia

The most beautiful natural scenery in Malaysia

Malaysia has many natural tourist places that are distinguished by its extraordinary beauty that is easy to see and dazzles minds.

Genting Highlands

These highlands sparkle delightfully, as they include the most magnificent natural scenery in Malaysia, located at an altitude of about 1860 meters above sea level, and is characterized by the presence of the cable car that flies over these heights on an interesting journey.
It is a dense forest with scattered trees and flowering plants covered in fog in an exciting scene, as well as the Chin Swee Temple and the amazing Jining Highlands that attract many tourists.

Nature in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands

If you are a fan of green, these heights are the perfect choice for you, so you can see the grass and tea trees in a graduated form that dazzles the eyes, in addition to the huge fields of delicious strawberry trees.
And spread in the upper side of the Cameron Highlands a wonderful group of cafes that offer the finest types of tea drink in various tastes, as you can see the most beautiful landmarks of the city from these highlands, which is the highest point in Malaysia.

Beautiful scenery in Malaysia

Batu Caves

One of the most amazing adventures that you will live throughout your life, as it carries for tourists the most beautiful scenery of Malaysia, as it is three huge caves that contain a large number of statues and temples next to it.
You can watch groups of monkeys living in these caves freely without anyone being exposed to them, and these caves attract large numbers of tourists to enjoy watching these picturesque landscapes. You can learn more about Batu Caves through our website by following the following link .. Read more

Landscapes from Malaysia

Sandakan City

Sandakan city has a bouquet of the most beautiful landscapes in Malaysia, which includes many nature reserves such as the Bears Reserve and the Orangutan Monkey Reserve, in addition to the Turtle Reserve.
It is one of the most important tourist destinations for colorful fishing enthusiasts, as it is dotted with islands filled with all kinds of fish and coral reefs. In Sandakan, many safari trips and fun activities are intended to visit these nature reserves.

The most beautiful natural scenery in Malaysia

Waterfalls of the seven wells

These waterfalls are one of the most beautiful landscapes in Malaysia that are worth a visit, as they were formed through many ancient times due to the rain water gathered in the seventh basin, and there are many types of animals and domestic birds.
It is a fun attraction for many families and friends to enjoy swimming and diving in the arms of fresh water. You can also enjoy a lot of recreational activities in the area of ​​the seven wells waterfalls, such as cable cars, etc. .. Read more

The most beautiful natural scenery in Malaysia

Penang Island

One of the most beautiful island of Bouchoucha, which has the most magnificent natural scenery in Malaysia, it includes the beach of Batu Frangie which shines a light of the magnificence of its beautiful beauty, where golden sands and pure water that make you see the colorful fish in a transparent manner.
Penang Island also includes a spice garden that contains a large collection of herbaceous plants, and a national park that enables visitors to enjoy hiking in the forests and rivers, watching and feeding monkeys.

Nature in Malaysia

Underwater world

This is what is said on the water park which is located in the city of Langkawi, where visitors can enjoy watching the best natural landscapes in Malaysia, as it possesses more than 500 species of marine species, which can identify the most important activities that can be practiced when visiting this wonderful place, only Visit this tab .. Read more

The most beautiful natural scenery in Malaysia

Cenang Beach

Enjoy seeing Malaysia’s most beautiful landscapes at the lively and active Cenang Beach, it boasts many delightful water games such as water skiing, windsurfing and safe balloon rides.
This beach has a charm and a special nature of relaxation and relaxation on the beach chairs in the gentle sunlight in the fresh air. You can also enjoy diving inside its clear waters and watching the dazzling marine creatures. Learn more about Cenang Beach via this tab .. Read more

The nature of Malaysia

Veritin Islands

They are two of the most important tourist destinations for lovers of tranquility and psychological relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of Malaysian life, they are two shiny islands called left and Kessel, and both offer majestic places for physical relaxation.
Where Pisar Island is a natural reserve for turtles that visitors enjoy watching at the beach, and for lovers of diving education under the depths, Kessel Beach will be the ideal haven for it as it includes three schools for teaching diving.

Nature in Malaysia

Butterflies garden

One of the coolest gardens delightful that adds waves of happiness and joy to the soul and works to modify the mood in a large way, it has the most beautiful landscapes in charming Malaysia.
Where you can see the different types of butterfly swarms that have delightful colors, and there are many reptiles and fish placed in fresh water pools, and for more activities in the butterfly garden, visit our site through this link .. Read more

Landscapes from Malaysia

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