Guide to the most beautiful places where we walk along Dubai Al Musalla Street, so many open projects have now spread and will expand and spread more in the future, as these projects have many activities such as hiking, shopping, running or walking, and there are also places dedicated to children’s games, so I will present you in this The article is on Arab travelers the most important places to walk in Dubai.

The most beautiful places to walk along Dubai Al Mussalla Street:

There are many places in the open air in Dubai that you can walk in and feel the pleasant and unique atmosphere, spend the best times and practice some beautiful activities such as bicycles, tactical mobiles and many other activities, and these places include:

1- Jumeirah Lakes Towers Walk:

. This walkway is located in the Jumeirah Lake Towers area.
. The site is characterized by the presence of a large garden with high-rise towers overlooking it, there are also two large lakes, in addition to the presence of restaurants, shops and cafes.
. You can reach the walkway or this area through the JLT Metro Station.

2- Walkway of Marassi Business Bay:

. The Marassi Bay Business Bay promenade is located along the Dubai Water Canal.
. This canal is a waterfront with a length of 12 twelve kilometers, and it contains the longest tourist park on the waters of Dubai.

3- Dubai Marina Walk:

. The walkway is characterized by a breathtaking view of the boats and moored yachts that are parked there.
. You can charter cruises on board many boats of all kinds.
. The walkway contains the walking track, which calculates the distance with lampposts.
. There are many different and varied stores, and there are restaurants and cafes.
. You can reach the Dubai Marina Walk through Damac Properties Metro Station.

4- Waterway Walk:

. The length of the Dubai Water Canal reaches 3.2 km.
. The waterway promenade is one of the best places where a person can run or walk with stunning views.
. There are five pedestrian bridges, as three bridges cross the canal, and it is also available for visitors to enjoy breathtaking views and cross the main and main road intersections, in addition to the ability to see ships crossing below.

5- Dubai Festival City Walk:

. Dubai Festival City Walk features a beautiful panoramic view of the Caliph Tower, the highest tower in the world and Sheikh Zayed Road towers.
. There are restaurants and cafes in the walkway, in addition to the Festival City Mall, directly on the marina.

6- Kite Beach Walk:

. The Kite Beach Walk is located on the Corniche, where you can spend the best times in it.
. There are many food stalls and food carts that serve the most delicious and delicious foods.
. There are also areas designated for recreational activities and sports.

7- Al Seef Walk:

. The Al Seef promenade is located on the banks of the Dubai Creek, and is intended for pedestrians.
. It extends over a distance of 1.8 kilometers, to allow the visitor to get to know the story of Dubai through architectural designs and rich experiences that combine heritage and contemporary.

8- Boardwalk Walk Board – The Palm Jumeirah:

. Wok Board is located in Palm Jumeirah, as it is a walkway above the cliffs breaking the island’s waves.
. The width is six meters, and the length is 11 kilometers.
. The walkway contains twenty souvenir kiosks and drinks.
. There are also two berths in the western and eastern sides, with a length of 100 meters, allowing the visitor to enjoy the landmarks of Dubai and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

9- B Avenue:

. B Avenue is located in Business Bay.
. It has many restaurants and shops on both sides.
. It also has a very beautiful garden and a walking track, in addition to an area designated for children and a area for people who love to practice roulskate.
. You can reach B Avenue through Business Bay Metro Station.

10- The Beach The Beach Dubai:

. The beach destination is the most important and prominent in Dubai, as it provides unique experiences and breathtaking scenes in the open air, and the scenery of sand, sea, trees and harmonious sky.
. The destination contains restaurants, market, shops, cinemas and open-air cinema, in addition to the presence of adventure and entertainment areas.
. There are also games for children, and beach events are available all year round.

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