There is no doubt that Disneyland Park Disneyland Park is the most famous in the world and is the most visited in the whole of Europe. And it is one of the most famous places of tourism in France
Disneyland theme park was opened in Paris in 1992 by The Walt Disney Company, and Disneyland includes a huge number of activities and entertainment places such as entertainment games and places for food and shopping and always famous Disney characters are spread here and there, and Disney characters perform massive entertainment offers periodically . This made Disneyland one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris

Disneyland Paris

Things to do in Disneyland Paris

• You can start family adventures such as entering the adventure island where you use the map to try to pass through the island to search for the treasure and you will encounter on your way several dangers and adventures such as walking in narrow corridors and crossing from caves on an exciting journey among the rocks with your family or friends.

Disneyland in Paris

• To complete the adventures, you can enter the wonderful Alice maze to enjoy an adventure with the famous character Alice and the Cheshire cat, characters and places that Alice met during her trips.

Paris Disneyland

• You can also enjoy a large number of diverse adventure lands, from driving old cars to entering the Pirate Sea, entering special places for Disney characters such as Sleeping Princess Castle, climbing to Thunder Mountain, and many other fun adventures.

Disneyland is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Paris

• One of the fun activities within Disney Paris is to meet the personally loved Disney character and speak to them, such as Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Batout, and others.

Disneyland Paris

Of course, you should enjoy the fun rides in Disney Paris’ most popular 50 fun games for adults and children.

Disneyland Paris

• You can also attend the wonderful performances that take place inside Disneyland and the amazing processions led by old and modern famous Disney characters to take you on a fictional journey in the land of Disney Paris and kidnap your eyes with color and dazzling performance.

Disneyland - Paris

• For entertainment to be complete, Disneyland includes a large number of cinemas and IMAX cinemas that feature a large number of new and old Disney films and other interesting films.

Disneyland - Paris

• Aside from entertainment, you can relax inside Disney Paris through the golf club where you can enjoy golfing, enjoy your favorite drink, or even a quick sandwich or dessert. You can also sit back to enjoy the landscape of the green land that extends around you.

Disneyland - Paris

• And because the fun does not end inside Disney Paris, it includes an aquarium or a huge fish tank that includes 5000 types of fish and wonderful marine creatures of different colors, shapes and sizes.

Disneyland is one of the best tourist places in Paris

• More than that, you can do shopping inside Disneyland in Paris, as the city has a large number of the most famous shopping stores in the world that sell various products that you can choose from.

Paris Disneyland is one of the most famous tourist places in France

• Finally, you can sit in one of the famous Disneyland Paris cafes or restaurants such as Café Mickey and Anita Diner and the Steakhouse to enjoy a fine French lunch, or the famous French drinks in the middle of a different Disney world.

Disneyland in Paris

• Before you leave the wonderful world of Disneyland Paris, you can buy souvenirs associated with Disneyland characters through souvenir shops located near the gates.

Disney Paris

Times of Paris Disneyland visit

Disney Paris is available to visit all days of the week from 10:00 AM until 20:00 PM.

Disneyland Paris tickets prices

To find out the changing prices of Disneyland Paris tickets and available offers, you can visit the official website of the city of Disney Paris ..from here

Top hotels near Disneyland in Paris

Elodge Premia Apartments, one of the best 5-star Paris hotels, is 1.7 km away from Disneyland Paris.
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Disneyland Hotel, one of the best 5-star France hotels in Paris, is just 100 meters away from Disneyland Paris.
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Most of the Arab visitors gave him a very good evaluation of the site and the staff.
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Disneyland Paris location on the map

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