Tetouan is a Moroccan city with a coastal and rustic nature with an ancient Andalusian touch overlooking the Mediterranean coast, with a view of the Reef Mountains and a study. Historical religious monuments, and others.
If your next destination is tourism in Morocco, you should know more details about the tourist city of Tetouan and a group of the most beautiful places in Tetouan during its tourism tours.

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Best hotels in Tetouan

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The tourist city of Tetouan

The best tourist places in Tetouan

In this report, we collected the most beautiful features of the city of Tetouan with pictures, which we recommend visiting:

ancient city

The ancient city is one of the best and most famous landmarks of Tetouan, as it is one of the archaeological sites squared on the list of UNESCO World Heritage thanks to the Andalusian spirit that smells from the heart of its buildings, historical markets, alleys and antique pebbles, and its popular cafes which smell the authentic Moroccan mint tea.
Perhaps the charm of the ancient city of Tetouan comes from its small area, which encourages the visitor to walk around and contemplate its distinctive details, which date back to 3 centuries in just a few hours, the glorious beauty of the old city cannot be missed by a camera lens when visiting the tourist city of Tetouan to enjoy the most beautiful features of a city Tetouan in pictures whenever I miss to visit it.

The tourist city of Tetouan


A very small city located within the tourist city of Tetouan, but it is nonetheless one of the most beautiful and well-known tourist spots in Morocco, because of its traditional coordination of streets, beautiful colors and wonderful and shiny buildings and homes that combine white and bright blue.
The blue city of Chefchaouen includes about 20 mosques and the shrine, which makes it a special destination for visitors from Muslims every year, but at the same time it is one of the tourist areas in Tetouan that tourists from different religions all over the world prefer to visit when traveling to Morocco, it is one of the spots that cannot Mistakes for a camera lens.

Tourist places in Tetouan

The market district

One of the best tourist places in Tetouan to shop and mix with authentic Moroccan customs and traditions, the old popular district represents a gathering of several popular markets that sell different and varied goods that are not available in giant modern shopping centers or perhaps not with the same elegance and attractive traditional presentation in which the colors of the goods shine brightly.
You can buy fresh bread as soon as it is cooked in the popular oven from the market, or ceramic artifacts, souvenirs and gold ornaments handcrafted from the whale market, as well as herbs, nuts and fine yamesh.

The most beautiful places in Tetouan

Al-Mallah neighborhood

One of the neighborhoods of the heritage city of Tetouan, with a long history that tourists from all over the world visit during one of the tourism tours in Tetouan, where Al-Mallah neighborhood is famous for being one of the neighborhoods of Jews who lived in the city since ancient times.

The tourist city of Tetouan

Archaeological Museum

It is one of the most famous landmarks of the tourist city of Tetouan, which provides the visitor with valuable detailed information about the history of Tetouan and the civilizational developments that have passed through to this time through a group of antiquities and collectibles, some dating back to prehistoric times such as coins, bronze and ceramic artifacts, with a huge literary library that includes about 60 thousand volumes dealing with the history of the Arab Maghreb region as a whole.
Perhaps one of the most popular collections of the Tetouan Archaeological Museum is this piece made of mosaic from Romen times known as the Three Graces.

Landmarks of Tetouan

Ethnography Museum

One of the most beautiful places in Tetouan that deepens your view of Tetouan is a pure cultural heritage, thanks to its holdings that faithfully convey and express the rich heritage of the city throughout the ages.
The museum dates back to the year 1948 when it displays collections of national clothes worn by Moroccans in Tetouan during the details of their public lives or during seasonal occasions such as wedding clothes and weddings, for example.
The Ethnography Museum is located in Tetouan in the fortress of Sultan Moulay Abd al-Rahman, which provides a wonderful panoramic view of the tourist city of Tetouan from above.

Tetouan city with pictures

Reef Mountains

One of the most beautiful places in Tetouan to enjoy its picturesque rural atmosphere that relaxes and relaxes, and engages in some light leisure activities such as cycling or climbing green hills to enjoy watching and observing settled or migratory birds during their daily trips.
The Rif Mountains are located close to the blue city of Chefchaouen, southeast of the tourist city of Tetouan. It is famous for its annexation of the two national parks, Tlemcen and Bushnachim, which attract the attention of tourists during tourism tours in Tetouan.

The tourist city of Tetouan

Cabo Negro Beach

One of the most beautiful places in Tetouan to enjoy a calm atmosphere away from the usual hustle and bustle which the tourist city of Tetouan is famous for during the tourist season, yet the beach is one of the most popular tourist spots and a visit during the months of July and August, so if you are looking for relaxation and relaxation in a quiet, you should visit the beach Startling at any other time except for these two months.
The beach of Cabo Negro in the city of Tetouan is characterized by the purity of its waters, the purity of its sand and its breathtaking mountain view, which intertwine in harmony with its clear blue sky.

Tourist areas in Tetouan

Villa Novell

If your visit to Tetouan is tourism, in no case should a landmark like this fall from the list of the best tourist places in Tetouan that you seek to visit during your vacation because of its wonderful and ancient design surrounded by fountains, greenery and elegant palm trees, with a distinguished location on Mohamed V Street one of the most famous The main fields of Tetouan are among a group of its most famous palaces and historical buildings, such as the Royal Palace, Mohamed II Palace, the Pasha Mosque, and the Basilica of Spain in Victoria.
The area of ​​Vila Nouvelle is also famous for hosting a number of high-end cafes, which locals, Arab and foreign tourists are welcome to visit during tourism tours in Tetouan for a cup of tea or coffee with local flavor and hear the latest stories and news.

Tetouan tourism

The Great Mosque

One of the oldest attractions of the city of Tetouan, which is close to the historical archaeological Jewish Quarter, dating back to the 15th century and attracting a large number of tourists from different countries and spectra during the tourism tours in Tetouan.

Landmarks of the city of Tetouan

Church of the Psalms Prison

It is one of the unique historical buildings in the tourist city of Tetouan. The ancient church is located underground and is famous for being an ancient place of worship for Christian prisoners of the city during the 16th century.

Tourist places in Tetouan

Kasbah of Sidi El-Nazhari

It is a great historical building located in the north of the city of Tetouan since the 16th century, to which a mosque is the oldest of its kind in the city and has the same name, and the Kasbah was a way to monitor the movement of international trade to and from the city through the most famous and oldest trade corridors.

The city of Tetouan

The tomb of Sidi Abdel-Qader El-Tabin

It is one of the oldest and most famous spiritual landmarks of Tetouan, which is visited by thousands of worshipers during the tourist holidays in Tetouan, and the importance of the shrine dates back to its ancient history, which dates back to the reign of the Almohad state during the twelfth century, in addition to the importance of the historical figure that he represents, which is the personality of the tourist city of Tetouan, Abdel Qader Al-Tabin .

Tourism in Tetouan

Watering the door of the sanctuary

One of the most beautiful landmarks of the ancient city of Tetouan, with an exquisite decorative design that relies on glazes and attracts the attention of thousands of tourists from all over the world to visit the beautiful tourist city of Tetouan.

The tourist city of Tetouan

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