Taiwan is officially known as the “Republic of China” or “Chinese Taipei”, which is an island off the east coast of the People’s Republic of China. Taiwan has recently become a major tourist destination in the Far East region, and is sometimes compared to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau. Taiwan’s tourism sector is focusing on sustainable tourism, which has resulted in the creation of 13 natural areas, 9 natural parks and 18 protected forests, which are carefully preserved.
In addition to the dense hills and forests full of special paths, Taiwan has a rich history and modern areas, especially in the capital, Taipei, new Taipei cities, Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taichung.
Learn about the beauty and beauty of Taiwan, with these 15 pictures.

The capital, Taipei, features modern features surrounded by breathtaking nature


Despite its modern skyscrapers, Taipei still retains some traditional Chinese landmarks


A beautiful traditional feature of Taiwan is the ruins of the Longting Bridge in Sanye, Miaoli Province


As for Lanyu, it features its charming beaches and traditional Chinese fishing boats


Kenting National Park boasts picturesque beaches and lush green grounds


Alishan National Park is famous for its gardens and forests that are punctuated by special paths among trees for walking, train and cultural tours.


In Yushan National Park there are some of the most beautiful green lands and hills on the island of Taiwan in addition to the famous Yushan Mountain


The rivers, canyons and caves have a distinctive character in Taiwan, especially in the Taroko National Park


Sun Moon Lake is a famous landmark in Taiwan


Taiwan is exceptionally beautiful in the spring, as cherry trees are painted pink


Among the most important folk celebrations in Taiwan is the Lantern Festival, and Taipei City is the best place to attend


Fushushan Flower Festival attracts many tourists and photo enthusiasts


Taiwanese dishes vary greatly, and include all Chinese and Cantonese dishes with a modern twist


Various regions of Taiwan are connected to each other by trains


Taiwan is well-known for its night spots shining with lamps, such as the night market in Jufin Village


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