The Spanish capital, Madrid, is one of the most important tourism destinations in Spain. It includes many high-end restaurants. It also hosts many halal restaurants, including Arab restaurants, which occupied a prominent place in the list of distinctive Madrid restaurants.

The best Arab restaurants in Madrid

Halal restaurants in Madrid This is what we will present to you in this article, where we will show you a group of the best Arab restaurants in Madrid that offer halal food, one of the most famous Arab kitchens

Zahra restaurant

An Arabic restaurant in Madrid characterized by serving a wide variety of delicious Moroccan dishes such as couscous and tagine Moroccan in addition to grills of all kinds, appetizers and sweets.
Phone: 0034913262610
website: Here
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The best restaurants in Madrid

Al Basha Restaurant

One of the best Arab restaurants in Madrid, which is a Syrian restaurant that provides a varied menu that includes the most delicious oriental food, including Arabic grills of various kinds, meat with eggplant and many others in addition to appetizers and sweets, and it is considered one of the best restaurants in Madrid.
Phone: 0034914299610
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The best Arab restaurants in Madrid

Arabic restaurant

One of the best Arab restaurants in Madrid is famous for its delicious Moroccan dishes, as it offers a varied menu that includes delicious foods such as couscous, tagine and other dishes that the famous Moroccan cuisine is famous for.
The restaurant features décor inspired by the Arabian desert environment.
Phone: 0034915325321
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Madrid halal restaurants

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