It is a happy occasion for the hearts of Emirati citizens and residents of the seven Emirates, we are in Arab travelers We offer you a set of the most amazing tourist trips that we have dedicated to travelers from Dubai and Sharjah who want to take the opportunity of the holiday to be happier with the family in discovering a new tourist destination. So does she plan to travel on the Emirati National Day And looking for the perfect destination?
The package of trips that we have chosen for you is three tourist destinations distributed between the amazing East Africa, the wonderful Eastern Europe and the charming Caucasus countries..You certainly would love to discover a lot if you want to travel on the UAE National Day for a few days ..

Azerbaijan .. the land of fire

Holiday-me_Azerbaijan_517854259_1000x750On this occasion, we present to you the National Day holiday in Baku, the beautiful and competitive Azerbaijani capital, which has attracted Emirati and Gulf tourists in recent years, this wonderful trip includes airline tickets and accommodation in a 5-star hotel (from this link).

What are the reasons that might lead you to visit Erbegan?

It is a wonderful country with distinction, which has become a kiss for Arab travelers, especially from the Gulf countries, after it recently opened up to them and granted them an entry visa upon arrival, knowing that it is a country that does not welcome many visitors from around the world, where citizens of only 22 countries can enter without a visa, including the UAE Gulf Cooperation .. This reason may be a catalyst because it is easy for you to travel, but there are many things that invite you to visit, such as the charming nature among the Caucasus Mountains and its foothills, and the beautiful beaches on the Caspian Sea, not to mention the modern and growing city of Baku.
Baku is a very beautiful and economical city, in which civilizations of East and West converge, where you can visit historical monuments, museums and the Sherwan Shah Palace. You will also see on the other side the masterpieces of modern architecture and tall towers. With the same ancient history, the city of Lankaran on the shores of the Caspian Sea … and many others, not to mention the enchanting nature, national parks and a stunning Caucasian heritage.

Ukraine .. Eastern European magic

Holiday-me_ Ukraine_Kiev_586036937_1000 x 750
There is also a great opportunity for you to spend the national day holiday in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The trip includes airline tickets and accommodation in one of the best hotels in addition to transportation services and tour for 3 days (here is the link from here).

Reasons for visiting Ukraine?

Whether it is your travel on the occasion of the Emirati National Day or in other seasons, you will always enjoy amazing tourism offers because it is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Europe and this is one of the most important reasons that people choose for the holidays, in addition to the beautiful nature, meeting civilization, history of modernity and a life full of fun, and for For Emirati, Saudi and Gulf travelers in general, they have the opportunity to enter the Ukrainian lands with a visa they obtain upon arrival, and it is reported that Ukraine welcomes the ports of 96 countries without a prior visa.
We have previously written a comprehensive guide to the most beautiful cities of Ukraine, which is one of the reasons for visiting this country that has become a lot of safety, in the capital Kiev, which sleeps on the banks of the Dnipro River a lot of beautiful and fun life that awaits tourists between the thresholds of historical monuments and museums on the one hand and between restaurants and cafes Beautiful on the other hand, and from that capital that mediates the country you can always travel to cities distributed in all directions, such as the city of Lviv, nicknamed Paris Minor, the city of Odessa, the Black Sea bride, and Kamyanets-Podolsky, which is one of the oldest historical cities in Eastern Europe.

Kenya .. the safari paradise

Holiday-Kenya_Safari-Safari_679594516_1000 x 750This time the trip will be for four days, only one day inside the city, if you choose the safari trip in Kenya through the National Day offer prepared by the Arab travelers for you, it includes airline tickets and hotel accommodation in the capital Nairobi and resorts in both the Masai Mara National Park and Lake Nakuru.

What are your reasons for visiting Kenya?

Kenya is interested in tourism a lot, so it has opened its crossings to enter citizens from 181 countries without a prior visa. All you, dear Arab traveler (most Arab citizens) is to obtain an electronic visa or visa upon arrival, you can travel in any season of the year because of the beautiful weather there, And if you are traveling from the Emirates to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, you can obtain many flights with different airlines, Etihad, Emirates Airlines, Air Arabia … and others.
The main and important reason for taking a trip to Kenya remains in being a safari paradise, with a group of nature reserves and national parks where you will be on a date with animal chases especially with the Big Five, you may be on a date with the major animal migration if you travel between July and October , You just have to go to Masai Mara National Park and Amboseli National Park, there are also many other reserves like Lake Nakuru Park, Lake Naivasha, Garden of Hell Gate and others, although safari is a feature of trips to Kenya, but we also advise you to try the picturesque beaches Li Kenya’s coast, especially in Mombasa and Malindi and Lamu Island, do not miss shopping in Nairobi before returning home.

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