Even after years of travel and excursions around the world, travelers and tourists make simple mistakes that may spoil them a little fun to travel while many new travelers make mistakes that may transform their journey to a path they absolutely do not want. While dozens of travel experts and travel professionals offer hundreds of tips to make travel enjoyable, safe and problem-free, the Huffington Post has gathered the best 30 quick tips that will accompany you on all your trips throughout your life, so that the experience is wonderful and without any disturbances. Let us discover it together.

1- Don’t take it too seriously. The plans fail and things may go as we did not. All of that is part of the trip!

2- Don’t spend your entire trip behind the camera or phone lenses. Satisfy the important moments, photograph them, then enjoy the rest of the days!

3- When your trip and travel ends, your friends and family at home are your actual surroundings, so make sure to communicate with them constantly, no matter how short or prolonged your trip …

4- Travel lightly, be sure to carry a backpack and carry your important items and avoid paying extra costs for shipping, as this will force you to travel without overloading!

5- Tell your bank that you are traveling to any place so that the bank does not suddenly freeze your account and credit cards in case you find a cash withdrawal from a strange place … Do not expose yourself to embarrassing situations.

6- It is not harmful to travel during the high season to the destination you want to go to. Get a good deal and make sure the fun is the same!

7- When you buy any item or book a flight during your travel online, always look for a discount or coupon. You may be surprised by what you will find and get many discounts.

8- Make sure to get cards that allow you to collect points and get rewards on every trip you take, and keep abreast of any new in these offers.

9- If you have keys that you cannot give away, do not use normal locks because they may be lost from you as well and can be opened if they are stolen, the best option is electronic locks that identify their codes yourself.

10- Keep copies of your passport, your credit card numbers and your travel insurance, and also store them in your email in order to get them when needed.

11- Keep backup of all your photos on USB or in the Dropbox system so that you never lose them in the event of any emergency order on your phone.

12- While waiting at the airports and between flights, take advantage of your time to view a travel book or travel guide to the country you want to go to or plan what you will do online.

13- To facilitate your experience in the country of the trip, learn the basics of the language used there with words such as “how are you doing” and “thank you” …

14- On trips that extend for many weeks may feel nostalgic for your family and country, you can go to places that remind you of activities in your country, such as visiting your favorite coffee shop or eating the pizza you prefer in your country.

15- Go on a journey on your feet when you visit any new place, and that is a pleasure that you will not find on a car tour, no matter how beautiful.

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16- Traveling without insurance on the trip is the wrong choice, you may need it at any time! be ready.

17- Share your whereabouts through the communication sites, in this way you will allow your family to feel comfortable with you, but also people who visited the same place may provide you with valuable advice and information.

18 – Learn to get good deals in prices during shopping, especially in the popular markets and bazaars, but don’t overdo it!

19- Learning swimming techniques is important, useful and fun. Many activities in different countries may include swimming, so take advantage of them.

20- On the bus, train, or airport, keep your ankle or wrist in the travel bag, so that the thieves do not have the opportunity to win. This is very important especially if you tend to sleep quickly.

21- Look for the basics of living in any country you visit and its primary laws. Chewing gum in Singapore, wearing high heels in ancient sites in Greece, or feeding pigeons in Venice are things that are against the law, for example!

22- Try as much as possible to preserve the environment wherever you go, use plastic water bottles more than once and do not throw towels with every use and do not waste too much water. It is all of our world!

23- Avoid losing your important possessions when you suspect someone chasing you during travel or giving a bad impression, as this may be a golden opportunity for him to know where your belongings are!

24- There are many environmentally friendly cities that use bicycles a lot, so take advantage of the opportunity and learn how to ride these bikes.

25- Always keep a backup credit card and money outside your wallet and emergency bag.

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26- Avoid restaurants that are known to be as tourist as possible, so get the best taste and high quality. Look for small local restaurants.

27- After you arrive at your hotel, always keep your address with you and you can take an identification card about it. Do not think that all taxi drivers know where it is!

28- If you travel a lot, why not start a blog that shares your thoughts, tests, and advice, and that benefits other travelers from your experiences?

29- Do not take anything with you that you will not accept its loss or loss, or which is linked to it emotionally to a large extent, the possibility of losing it during travel is greater than anywhere else.

30- Finally, enjoy your travel in every detail of your trip, sounds, smells, views, people and general atmosphere. Do not waste your time on networking updates. Be physically present with all your senses … a fun trip!

Golden travel advice
Golden travel advice

Your summer and trip are better with these tips

Your summer and trip are better with these tips

In simple steps, your travel will be enjoyable and safe
In simple steps, your travel will be enjoyable and safe

Explore the world safely and comfortably
Explore the world safely and comfortably

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