autumn season

Autumn is the season of joy, a season in which the leaves of trees fall in golden and brown color, and the sky and streets are adorned with these leaves, a season in which you can wear the scarf that you hid in the summer and decorate with it, as you can carry a canopy and walk under it while roaming on the rainy streets.
As for singles and married couples, the fall season is a romantic season, and very suitable for travel, relaxation, and adventure, and there are many countries that are suitable for travel in the fall season. We chose these four, namely: –

1- Korea and the cultural spirit

South Korea is known specifically as a land full of ancient cultures and heritage, as its old generation seeks to preserve its heritage, and the new generation seeks to preserve its wildlife, and visiting Korea is the best way to start this beautiful chapter.

Exploring this modern city begins with enjoying and touring Seoul, while enjoying a full day relaxing with the sauna. It is one of the largest gigantic sauna centers, and then you head to Gwangjang Market, which is one of the food paradises for all food lovers, where You can enjoy various types of food, such as kimchi (the traditional food known in it).
This is not all that you can enjoy in South Korea, as it has a lot to offer its visitors, including Jeju Island, which is one of the wonders of the city of Korea, and is characterized by its charming nature and its wonderful beaches. You can also enjoy mountain climbing in it where you will find many doing so. And if you are a fan of history, you must be prepared to visit thousands of palaces there.

2- Canada and free smiles

Canada is the land of smiles, a land that is a national mixture of colors, culture, and history, and finally it is a land of beauty, as it is a country of romance, history, and adventure, as it is a romantic country, as it is characterized by its picturesque nature, and finds diversity in cultures and food, and all Types of wild animals, and is the ideal place to travel in the fall.
A trip to Quebec makes you enjoy looking at its beautiful architecture, and this city is considered a mini-Europe and a piece of paradise as it is said, and your trip in Canada does not stop there, as it is necessary to visit the islands of Victoria and Vancouver, as you can see whales along the port And if you are a nature lover, you can enjoy looking at the stunning Niagara Falls.

3- South Africa and wildlife

All people go to South Africa to see the nature and wildlife in it. It is characterized by its beautiful beaches and wonderful water reserves, and is considered one of the best places for new couples to spend a special honeymoon, where you can explore a lot in them together, and one of the most visited areas there is Cape Town, Tanzania, and others.

4- Cuba and salsa dance

When listening to music and salsa dancing, the first thing that comes to mind is the distinguished state of Cuba, as it is distinguished by its charming beaches, and it is also characterized by its fullness of people who are in love and permanent happiness. One of the most socially connected countries, it is a good opportunity for couples who suffer from various stresses and stresses of life, and it is a city of great pleasure and romance, and it is preferable to visit it before the cold winter.

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