We may forget some things when packing a travel bag, which makes us feel nervous, and some supplies may be available and buy when we arrive, but there are some destinations that may not be available, such as beach destinations that are few in the market, so before closing the bag, write down everything you need in the notebook.

Today we remind you of 5 things that you do not travel without.

Health insurance while traveling

Whether the destination requires health insurance, or in both cases we do not advise you to issue a health insurance policy that suits your travel time.


It is very important to have with you vitamins, especially vitamin C, in case you feel tired and tired.

A small amount in cash

We rely a lot on credit cards, but a small amount of cash is required, about $ 150, for any emergency that might happen.

Scented tissues

Some people may not be interested in it, but it is one of the most important things while traveling. Many places may be a fertile environment for germs and microbes.


At the airport, on the plane, or on the train, you may feel bored, so it’s best to take headphones to watch a program, movie, and more.

5 things you wouldn't travel without
5 things you wouldn’t travel without

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