A large number of people are looking for new tourist places away from the usual destinations that are usually crowded with tourists and their prices are high compared to others. When wanting to travel, one often searches for calm and tranquility, as well as suitable prices for hotels and airline tickets. In this article, we will give you 5 tourist cities that we recommend you visit instead of the traditional destinations:

York instead of London

York York is located in the northwest of England, about two hours from London. York is characterized by its charming alleys and streets, dating back more than 2000 years. Among the most prominent tourist places in the city are the medieval York Cathedral, York Palace and several historical monuments and other tourist attractions, the most famous of which is The Shambles Street, which was voted as the most beautiful street in all of Britain by Google, as the famous Harry Potter series drew inspiration from Daejeon Alley Street.

Lyon instead of Paris

Lyon is located in the southeast of France and is the third largest city after the capital Paris and Marseille. Lyon is only two hours away from Paris, but it is quieter and less crowded with tourists. The city is characterized by its wonderful tourist attractions, its beautiful buildings, its courtyards and picturesque gardens, as well as its restaurants and cafes that offer the best French food, drinks and famous pastries. In 1998, UNESCO classified the ancient city of Lyon as a World Heritage Site.

Chiang Rai instead of Bangkok

Chiang RaiChiang Rai is blessed with a unique geographical location, as it is located in northern Thailand, near Laos and Burma, making it the best tourist destination in Thailand. Chiang Rai was of great importance as it was the capital of the 13th century ancient kingdom of Lana. The area is full of impressive historical and touristic sites, including temples, museums, and buildings that witness to the golden age of Chiang Rai.

Bologna instead of Rome

Bologna The city of Bologna is located in northern Italy, about two hours from the capital, Rome. Bologna is one of the oldest italyn cities, since its foundation dates back to 534 BC by the Astroscan people. The city is considered one of the wonderful destinations in Europe, where it abounds with many archaeological sites and wonderful tourist attractions and witnesses to its golden history, as it was considered a scientific beacon in the Renaissance and its university received thousands of students from all over the world. The University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and thus is considered the oldest university in all of Europe. Bologna is also ranked among the best and most advanced italyn cities in terms of living. In the year 2000, Bologna was classified as the cultural capital of Europe because of the available museums, galleries and schools concerned with artistic and cultural affairs.

Salvador de Bahia instead of Rio de Janeiro

Salvador de Bahia Salvador de Bahia is located in the northeast of Brazil and is bounded to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and to the west by the bay of Todos os Santos. Salvador was the former capital of Brazil and was the third largest city in terms of population, after the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Salvador is known as the city of happiness for having countless activities and street festivals. The city was the first area that the Europeans settled in the Americas, which made it abundant with a rich history, diverse culture and wonderful local dishes. It is considered a tourist destination that is worth a visit.

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