Monkey Island is located in Penang, or also known as Monkey Beach, among the locals on Penang Island, particularly in the middle distance between Georgetown and Batu Frangie.
And is one of the most famous tourist places in Malaysia, the island is distinguished by being located on a picturesque sandy beach and crystal clear blue waters.

Penang Monkeys Park Malaysia

The Penang Island of Monkeys also contains a huge number of rare tall and beautiful trees and different types of flowers. Monkeys of various shapes, sizes and types are scattered everywhere on the island. Therefore, they are called the Penang Island of Monkeys.

Monkey Park in Penang Malaysia
There are informative panels spread within the Penang Monkey Garden that obliges visitors not to attack or harass those monkeys.

Monkey Garden is one of the best places of tourism in Penang Malaysia

Activities you can do

• Watch monkeys, chimpanzees and various other species in the Penang Monkey Garden, fondle and play with them, but with caution, and enjoy the beauty of nature and the gigantic huge trees.

Penang Park in Malaysia Penang
• Walking and wandering in the forests for hours through the park on the roads prepared for that and joining an introductory tour of the place and the types of monkeys, their lives and their appropriate environment will be great especially for children.

Penang Monkeys Park Malaysia
• Swimming in the picturesque beaches, enjoying free sitting on the beach, relaxing, enjoying the wonderful ostrich sand and foreplaying monkeys that usually appear on the beach.

Penang Monkey Park Malaysia
For fans of fishing, they can go fishing by hiring a traditional marine boat and touring the island of Apes in Penang

Monkey Garden is one of the best parks in Penang Malaysia
• Capture the most beautiful memorial photos of you and your loved ones in Penang Monkey Park, in front of the beach, high trees and monkeys.

Monkey Garden is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Penang Malaysia

There are a number of random stalls on Penang Island, where you can visit and buy what you need, as well as buy traditional souvenirs from handicrafts and small wooden artifacts.

work hours

Everyday from 7 am to 7 pm.

Prices for entry tickets

35 MYR per person

Penang Island Monkeys Hotels – Penang

The nearest good Malaysia hotel to Monkey Beach in Penang is Lone Pine Hotel, 7 km away
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Overall the hotel received very good reviews.
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Holiday Inn Resort Penang is one of the best 4-star hotel in Penang, about 11 km from Monkey Island Beach in Penang
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The resort got very good reviews for the location, cleanliness and view.
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The location of the Monkey Island in Penang

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