The Spanish city of Marbella is distinguished by its warm atmosphere, the beauty of nature and its gardens, the diversity of its plants and trees, because of its proximity to the beach and its geographical location as well.
One of the most famous parks is Alameda Marbella, which is located in a small residential area, located in the center of the ancient Spanish city of Marbella near the Old Town area, which is considered one of the tourist places in Marbella.
This garden is filled with huge quantities of rare and picturesque trees and plants, in addition to a number of huge water fountains made of colored ceramic and mosaic that appear as sparkling pieces under the sunlight.

Alameda Marbella Park Spain

This park was established during the seventeenth century AD and has undergone many developments and expansion to become the way it is now, a number of cafes are spread in the garden in addition to horse-drawn carts.

Alameda Park in Marbella Spain

The park overlooks the Mediterranean, and Marbella is one of the most popular tourist spots in Spain, especially for locals.

Alameda Marbella Park in Spain

Things to do in Alameda Marbella Park

Relax and enjoy the outdoors in the garden, sit under the trees or lie on the grass and enjoy watching rare plants and colorful flowers.

Alameda Park is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Marbella, Spain

Rent a horse, go on a park tour, and enjoy this experience.
• For the children who accompany you with them, they can spend the best times in a dedicated section in the garden that contains safe and suitable games for them.

Alameda Park is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Spain Marbella

• Eat the famous traditional Spanish food and drinks in the small restaurants inside the garden.

Alameda Park in Marbella, Spain

• Enjoy watching the beautiful sunset, and take the most beautiful memorial photos next to the most prominent landmarks of the park.
• Maybe you are lucky enough to be able to attend one of the parties, events and festivals whose activities are held in the park with the particiAl Bahahn of the local people, where they perform many dances and songs.

Alameda Marbella Park

• You can buy the most beautiful souvenirs from the shops and kiosks inside and outside the garden, especially those exquisite wooden crafts that are elaborate and will be a suitable gift for your loved ones.

work hours

Daily from nine in the morning until seven in the evening.

Hotels near Alameda Marbella Park

Herradura Hotel 3 stars is one of the best hotels in Marbella, close to Alameda Park
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The hotel got excellent reviews for the location, cleanliness, services, staff.
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Eurostars Araguanian 5 of the best Spain hotels Marbella 5 stars 0.2 km from Alameda Park
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The hotel got great reviews in every way.
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Alameda Marbella Park website

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