6 best free beaches in Dubai 2022

المسافرون العرب

We present to you in today’s article the best 6 free beaches in Dubai, although there are many beaches that are suitable for tourists and visitors, but there are several beaches that suit the owners of the limited budget without paying any dirhams, and enjoy the free beaches, many go to Dubai to enjoy Then he does not find enough money with him, in these cases it benefits a lot from the presence of such beautiful beaches, so that they can enjoy their journey without costing money, follow the following article in the Arab travelers we offer you the most beautiful free beaches in Dubai.

6 best free beaches in Dubai

6 best free beaches in Dubai 2020 - 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2022

Dubai Emir Beach

Lamir Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai, where visitors can relax and enjoy the calm and beautiful beach atmosphere. There are many trees and palm trees on the beach, and there are murals and multiple types of arts, which creates a wonderful atmosphere for tourists or visitors.
There are many recreational activities in the beach, such as dining parties, as it is a large and wide beach that enables people to enjoy every moment of their trip, as there are a series of restaurants and shops for people of high taste and money, and there are many popular shops for people with low incomes, which It allows everyone to enjoy their time.
1581262962 927 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2020 - 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2022

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Kite Beach kite beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches, and most of them in terms of several activities, it is distinguished from other beaches by the color of water that tends to emerald green, and its sand differs from any other beach, because its color is white.
This beach is best suited for fans of different sports, where you can practice volleyball, soccer, and tennis activities, and bicycle enthusiasts can also enjoy it on this beach. One of the most popular activities for this beach is the flight of planes in the sky, as it is one of the most amazing hobbies that may You play on the beach, and there are water games.
1581262962 912 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2020 - 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2022

The Beach, Jumeirah Beach

It is said that this beach is more suitable for families, and the beach is characterized by providing an Arab and modern atmosphere, in addition to including several restaurants and shops, except that you can enjoy a camel ride on the sea, this beach includes a group of tourist resorts, and it also includes the city of Jumeirah, which contains many resorts And it provides all entertainment for children such as water games and a train, and there is a large ball and gymnasium, and you can enjoy yoga on the beach. This beach provides a variety of activities to suit all tastes, especially families with children.
1581262962 836 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2020 - 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2022

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Black Palace Beach

The Black Palace beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Dubai at all, it is characterized by a location never preceded by any beach, as it is near the royal palaces, the Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab, this beach is characterized by its super beautiful view that combines the beauty of nature, and the beauty of the wonderful royal palaces, This provides the tourist and visitor to enjoy his presence at the beach at all times of the day from sunrise to night hours, in addition to the presence of several restaurants and markets, as it is surrounded by a group of international hotels.
1581262962 941 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2020 - 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2022

sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is part of a tourist resort of the most luxurious tourist resorts in Dubai, and it is a distinct destination for tourism Vid Dubai, and this beach differs from other beaches with clear blue water that is one of the most beautiful waters that you can swim in throughout your life, and its very fine white sand that enables you to relax on The beach is amid soft sand and warm sun.
There are also many luxurious residential places, some trees and gardens, and luxurious restaurants that feature modern designs, which makes this resort one of the best tourist resorts in Dubai.
1581262962 179 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2020 - 6 best free beaches in Dubai 2022

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Al Mamzar Beach

This beach is one of the big beaches that includes 4 other beaches, and it is covered with green herbs that make the beach scenic, and although this beach is free of huge luxury hotels and cafes, it is a quiet beach and you can enjoy many fun activities.
Where there are tracks dedicated to riding bicycles in a comfortable way, as it is equipped with a children’s amphitheater, and finds several small food stalls suitable for low-income people, and the existing grassy garden where visitors can enjoy with their children.
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