Medina is distinguished by being the second most important religious center for Muslims all over the world, after the Holy Kaaba and the Holy Mosque of Mecca in Mecca. There is no doubt that the city embraces many distinct restaurants that offer delicious Arabic and Western dishes.

The best restaurants in Medina

Below is a group of the best tried and tested Medina restaurants that many visitors of the city prefer because of the variety and delicious food menu it offers and a distinct level of services

Cheng Yang Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Medina, a Chinese restaurant that is considered the best among the Chinese restaurants in the city, offers a list of varied and delicious dishes and the delicious items that the restaurant offers chicken with cashew sauce, the restaurant has several branches, including its branch on King Abdullah Branch Road near Al Noor Mall

Cheng Yang Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Medina

Swiss House Restaurant

Western restaurant is one of Madinah’s most famous restaurants that offer an extensive menu of delicious Mexican and American cuisine, the restaurant is distinguished by its fast service and the experience of its employees in addition to providing quiet and comfortable sessions with a distinctive interior decoration

Swiss House Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Medina

albaik restaurant

It is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Medina. You will always find it crowded. The restaurant is famous for its broast, pull, shrimp, fillet, etc. There is a large dining hall in the restaurant, Al-Baik restaurant is located next to the Grand Mosque in front of the School of Sharia Sciences

Al Baik Restaurant is one of the most important restaurants in Medina

Abu Shakra Restaurant

Abu Shakra is a branch of the famous Egyptian chain of restaurants, located in Sultan Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street in Madinah, and it features a wide list of famous Egyptian dishes in addition to a number of various Arabic dishes

Restaurants in Medina

Ewan Restaurant

Ewan Restaurant provides a quiet romantic atmosphere through its elegant décor and the music that guests listen to while eating, the restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Madinah and is famous for providing a menu of seafood dominated by Asian touch. Ewan Restaurant is located at the intersection of Al Hizam Street and Qurban Street

The most luxurious restaurants in Medina

Salhiya Nights Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Madinah. It offers a wide variety of oriental food, such as grilled dishes of various kinds, fish and others.

Restaurants in Medina

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