Dammam is one of the most important cities in Saudi Arabia, and it is the main sea port in the eastern region of the Kingdom, where it overlooks the Arabian Gulf from three sides and is characterized by its mild climate throughout the year.
Dammam is characterized by its charming beaches and markets, which include luxury complexes and popular markets in addition to parks, entertainment cities and distinctive restaurants.

The best Dammam hotels

On this tab, we collected the best and most luxurious hotels in Dammam, which won the approval of their Arab visitors in each of their services and locations .. Read more

The best hotels in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The best Dammam restaurants

There are many high-end and popular restaurants in Dammam that offer delicious dishes. We will get to know you better Dammam restaurants through our topic.

The popular village

The best restaurant in Dammam is how it describes the residents of the city and the surrounding areas, where it offers a heritage menu that includes the most delicious and famous traditional Gulf food, including kabsa, Gulf mash, pressed and slate in addition to many meat and seafood dishes. The popular village is located on Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Street.

The popular village restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dammam

Steakhouse Restaurant

It is located in Al-Shati district on Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Road and is considered one of the best restaurants in Dammam and it specializes in Western and American cuisine in particular.

Steakhouse is one of the best restaurants in Dammam

Al Shahrour Restaurant

It is located on Mohammed Bin Fahd Street and is considered one of the best restaurants in Dammam that serves Lebanese dishes. The restaurant offers a wide list of Lebanese and shame meals which includes shawarma, hummus, oven chicken, oven meat and mixed grills.

Al Shahrour Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Saffron restaurant

An Indian restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dammam located on Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Street next to the Sheraton Hotel, the restaurant offers a varied Indian menu rich in vegetarian food.

Saffron restaurant is one of Dammam's best restaurants

Shrimp House Restaurant

Shrimp House is one of the best restaurants in Dammam. It is located near the Corniche. The restaurant offers a varied and rich menu that includes seafood and others. The restaurant design is distinctive and provides isolated places for families.

Rubiyat House is one of the best restaurants in Dammam

Layalina Restaurant

Layalina Restaurant is located in Fun Time Theme Park on the Corniche, which makes it one of the most famous restaurants in Dammam. Layalina offers a wide variety of delicious cuisine and provides a special section for families with closed cabinets overlooking the sea to provide privacy.

Layalina Restaurant is one of the finest Dammam restaurants

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