Mountain Semnoz is located within the Bages block in the French Alps in Annecy, with its highest peaks reaching 1699 meters.
The mountain is the main natural outlet for the city of Annecy, and one of the most important tourist places in France and the number of visitors from inside and outside the country is increasing.
The mountain holds a cherished place in the hearts of the city’s residents, and is considered a favorite place for excursions, due to its stunning views of the Alps.
The mountain, whose name means salmon, got its name from Romen cartographers because it is very similar to it.
The heights of the summits range from 1,530 meters, the height of the Grand Dan Summit, to 1,699 meters, the highest peak called Chatillon.

Mount Simneaux is one of the best tourist places in France, Annecy

Activities you can do

• You can enjoy a walking tour of a mountain climb, which gives you the opportunity to see the French Alps, Lake Annecy and parts of the city.
At the top of Crete de Chatillon, a base with a directive of visitors was drawn up to help them define the areas, lakes, and mountains surrounding the place.

Views of Mount Simnos

• Near the mountain, many visitor activities, such as cycling and motorbikes, that you can use to see the largest possible area of ​​the area.

Bike ride on Mount Simnos

• You can also walk around the mountain on the back of a horse, and your children can join you on the tour, as there are some small ponies suitable for them.

Horses crowded in Mount Semenos

• At the foot of the mountain there are special places that include some fun games suitable for adults and children, and your children will especially enjoy the game of latch.

Mount Simnos Stadium

• The mountain includes deer park in the Grand Jin region, and the park includes some types of deer, such as red deer, trout, and alpine goats.

Deer Park on Semen's Mountain

• You must visit the Alpine Botanical Garden in Maison de Simneaux, and ride a wheelchair lift to take panoramic images of the mountain.

Chair lift in Simnos

• If you are a fan of adventure, you are definitely on a date with it, all you have to do is do an exciting skydiving experience.

Parachutes jumped on Mount Simnos

Annecy Hotels near Mount Simmons

Le Clos de Sons is a 5-star hotel in Annecy, with excellent ratings, and it is 20 km from the Simnose Mountain in Annecy
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The location is excellent, the staff is very friendly, and the food is excellent.
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Le Clos Marcel is a 4-star hotel in France, Annecy with great reviews, and it is 25 km from the Simneaux mountain in Annecy
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent and quiet, the staff are helpful and the rooms are comfortable.
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The location of Mount Simmons in Annecy

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