Rommel Beach is the most beautiful beach in the northwest coast of Marsa Matruh, and one of the most visited tourism destinations in Egypt.
And Rommel Beach has a long history, blending with its cultural features, and its name is named after the German commander called the Desert Fox Ervin Rommel.
And within the beach areas is a trench carved into the rocks that Rommel used to hide during WWII, which is now an archaeological museum.
Rommel Beach is characterized by its soft white sand, and its deep, multi-deep water, which ranges between white, turquoise and dark blue.
The beach includes a number of tourist resorts that offer many different activities for the pleasure of its visitors, as well as its proximity to the prominent city landmarks.

A view of Rommel Beach in Marsa Matruh

Activities you can do

• You and your family can enjoy the enchanting nature of the beach and its clear waters, take a unique beach picnic, and swim in a sea characterized by the calmness of its waves.

A walk in Rommel Beach in Marsa Matruh

• You can also take a cruise in one of the sailing boats or ride the long cylindrical rubber boats that can accommodate the whole family.

Sailing boats on Rommel Beach in Marsa Matruh

• You must run many water sports adventures on Rommel Beach, such as water skiing, surfing, water games for children and others.

Rommel Beach degrees in Marsa Matruh

• The beach offers many activities for vacationers that you can enjoy the experience, such as horseback riding and the beauty that your children will be very happy with.

Horseback riding in Rommel Beach in Marsa Matruh

• The beach includes many wonderful tourist resorts that you can spend time in, and enjoy under the umbrellas of its sessions overlooking the sea.

Rommel Beach resorts in Marsa Matruh

Do not forget to visit the Rommel Military Museum, which includes the most important belongings of Commander Rommel, some ancient weapons, and several maps of military operations.

The Rommel Museum at Rommel Beach in Marsa Matruh

• End your visit with a short break in a beach restaurant overlooking the sea, to eat one of the delicious sea meals that the city is famous for.

Rommel Beach restaurants in Marsa Matruh

Entry prices

20 Egyptian pounds per person, equivalent to 1.13 USD.


Over the year.

Rommel Beach Hotels – Rommel

Grandella House Hotel is a well-rated hotel in Marsa Matruh, 7.8 km from Rommel Beach
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent and the views are beautiful, the staff are helpful and the rooms are comfortable.
Hotel reservation
Porto Matrouh Chalets is one of Egypt’s hotels in Marsa Matruh, with good reviews, 15.6 km from Rommel Beach.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent and quiet, the services are excellent, the chalets are clean and comfortable.
Hotel reservation

Rommel Beach website

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