Riyadh Azizia Mall was opened in August 2004, and is considered one of the most important tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh.
The market includes many of the most well-known local stores of women’s and men’s fashion, children’s clothing, as well as home and furniture stores, as well as recreational and educational places for children.
Al Azizia Mall, like other malls and markets, is a haven for the city’s residents, due to the pleasant sessions it has in restaurants and cafes.
The market is distinguished by its architecture and engineering design, and its fittings and interior decoration follow the modern style, and includes beautiful areas of flower beds, which made it one of the most important malls in Riyadh.

Al Azizia Mall, Riyadh

Activities you can do

• You and your family can wander around the building, which is characterized by its modern design, and then wander around the market, and around it to learn about its features.

Al Aziziyah Mall in Riyadh

• Then you can start your shopping tour from the clothing and fabric stores on the market, some of which carry local and international brand names.

Al Aziziyah Mall in Riyadh

• Azizia Mall, Riyadh Market includes many other stores that sell shoes, jewelry and watches, in addition to perfume shops, cosmetics, and others.

Shoe stores in Al Aziziyah Mall

• The mall also includes many outlets of the latest international brands, which are sold in special offers, and at very low prices.

Outlet stores in Azizia Mall

• Azizia Mall, Riyadh, also includes a branch of the hypermarket, where you can buy groceries, meat and many other goods at competitive prices.

Hyperpanda at Al Aziziyah Mall

• The mall organizes many appropriate activities for children, which your young people can enjoy attending and participating in, in order to enhance their competitive spirit.

Al Azizia Mall events

• You can enjoy a delicious local or international meal, or have some sweets and refreshments in one of the cafes and restaurants spread throughout the mall.

Al Aziziyah Mall cafes

work hours

Everyday from 8:00 in the morning until 12:00 midnight.

Hotels near Al Aziziyah Mall, Riyadh

Sheraton Hotel and Towers is one of the best 5-star hotels in Saudi Arabia, and it is 4.4 km away from Al Azizia Mall, Riyadh.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent and quiet, the staff is very helpful and friendly, the services are outstanding.

The Ritz-Carlton, one of the best 5-star hotels in Riyadh, is 15.2 km from the Aziziyah Mall, Riyadh.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent, the staff is very helpful, the rooms are spacious and comfortable.

Azizia Mall location in Riyadh

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