When we mention the charming city of Istanbul, the reader always thinks about Istanbul restaurants where barbecue and Turkish kebabs, but the city that has the most beautiful beaches among the tourism cities in coastal Turkey pays a very special attention to seafood of all kinds, with several fish restaurants in Istanbul offers traditional Turkish and international seafood, as well as eastern seafood dishes.

Best hotels in Istanbul

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Fish restaurants in Istanbul

The best fish restaurants in Istanbul

Istanbul, as a coastal city, derives marine treasures that provide all the best fish restaurants in Istanbul to offer the finest seafood, fish and prawns, and other good things. We have dedicated this article to talk about these restaurants, from which we chose what got the best reviews from Arab visitors .

Floria Balik Kaifi Restaurant

Florya Kalek Restaurant is one of the fish restaurants in Florya Istanbul, which has a long history of serving seafood of all kinds, where you can eat a variety of fish and appetizers, and enjoy the views of the wonderful Florya Istanbul region, especially at sunset and beyond.

The restaurant has achieved great reviews, most of which have reached 92% in all respects, and is one of the restaurants in Istanbul that is suitable for families.

times of work

Everyday from 9:00 am until 1:00 after midnight.

To find out more, please visit the restaurant’s website from here.

Fish restaurants in Florya Istanbul

Park Restaurant immediately

Park Fora, a seafood restaurant, is located inside the beautiful Topuzlu Park, which is one of several fish restaurants in Istanbul on the sea with wonderful views of the famous Bosphorus. It offers a rich menu with multiple dishes and flavors from traditional Turkish cuisine to international cuisine.

The delicious restaurant trip only ends with a plate of chocolate souffle, and traditional Turkish sweets, which have received many positive comments.

times of work

Everyday from 12:00 midnight to 12:00 midnight.

You can visit the restaurant website for more details from here.

Fish restaurants in Istanbul by the sea

Bebek Balkji restaurant

Bebek Istanbul is characterized by many diverse restaurants, and among these restaurants, Bebek Balkji, which is the best fish restaurant in Istanbul thanks to its dishes and sessions, and the methods of catering followed, and being located on the banks of the Bosphorus, and its balconies enjoy great views.

Available in all kinds of fish and seafood, some types of traditional Turkish and sea appetizers, and a group of international, Turkish and oriental sweets.

times of work

Everyday from 12:00 midnight to 12:00 midnight.

Here’s the official restaurant website, for more complete details from here.

The best fish restaurants in Istanbul

Balgeji Restaurant Sabah Al-Din

Balakji Sabah Al-Din is considered the best fish restaurant in charming Istanbul, located in the Sultan Ahmed area specifically, and managed by the fisherman Sabah Al-Din who came from Medania and established this restaurant in 1927 AD, to provide the most delicious seafood dishes, fish in particular, accompanied by fresh vegetables, types The well-known Turkish sushi, thanks to which it achieved high ratings among Arab visitors to the city.

The restaurant is also famous for providing all kinds of Turkish and traditional seafood starters, along with hot and cold drinks, and dessert dishes, of all kinds.

times of work

Everyday from 7:00 am to 12:00 midnight.

You can learn more about the restaurant by visiting its website from here.

Istanbul Fish Restaurant

Balgeji Amber Restaurant

Balgeji Kahraman Restaurant was opened in 1996, and it is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul that offer flavors of traditional Black Sea cuisine, which are cooked in unique and modern ways. The restaurant also offers many salads seasoned with special sauces, seafood and traditional appetizers, along with drinks and sweets.

The halibut, tomato salad and grilled calamari received the highest ratings in the restaurant, and the staff and prices had several positive comments.

times of work

Daily from 12:00 midday, until 10:00 pm.

You can know all the details of the restaurant from here.

The best fish restaurant in Istanbul

Eskilli Rumeli Siege Restaurant

Iskeli Rumeli is a blockade of Bebek’s distinctive restaurants, and it can be said that it is the most prominent fish restaurant in Istanbul to provide delicious dishes, and in terms of its location, which enjoys stunning views of the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge and the Bosphorus Strait across the facade of the restaurant’s sea glass, along with many of Istanbul’s landmarks and historic buildings that Located near it, like the famous Rumeli Hisar Castle.

The restaurant offers all kinds of seasonal fish, calamari, sea pies, squid, mussels, shrimp of all kinds, along with appetizers, salads, and dessert dishes.

times of work

Everyday from 12:30 pm until 2:00 am.

You can visit the restaurant’s website to learn about its various dishes from here.

Istanbul fish restaurants

Sur Balik Restaurant

Sur Palic Restaurant is ideally located for guests who want to enjoy a delicious sea meal, accompanied by the beauty of the Bosphorus views, and the restaurant has a capacity of approximately 300 people, providing a great location for parties, events and private and public meetings, it is worth noting what the restaurant chef enjoys Of intelligence in the methods of preparing and serving food.

Besides the seasonal fish, the restaurant offers all kinds of hot and cold seafood starters, salads, and desserts, along with some traditional meat dishes.

times of work

Daily from 12:00 midday, until 11:00 pm.

You can book and inquire, by visiting the restaurant’s website from here.

Istanbul fish restaurants

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