The search for halal restaurants in Bangkok is almost exclusively in the area (Sukhumvit – Sukhumvit), which is frequently frequented by the Arab and Muslim community. Read also: The best Arab Street hotels in BangkokThere are a number of restaurants that offer Arabic food from the long-established Shami, Egyptian and Gulf kitchens in Bangkok. Some of these restaurants have become famous, like the rest of the tourist places in Bangkok, due to the high demand from Arab tourists.

Halal restaurants in Bangkok

Halal restaurants in Bangkok

Osman Turkish Restaurant

Osman Turkish Restaurant is one of the few Turkish restaurants located in Bangkok, and it is located in a distinct location on Silom Street in the heart of the city. The restaurant offers all the famous Turkish dishes and some dishes from the Arab cuisine, but its prices are a little high.Halal restaurants in Bangkok

Ali restaurant for Arabic and Thai food

If you want to try Thai and Arabic food in halal restaurants in Bangkok, we advise you to visit “Ali.” The restaurant is located inside the Mall (MBK), one of the most famous shopping malls in Bangkok on the fourth floor. The restaurant is run by two chefs, one from India and the other from Bangladesh, so Asian flavors overwhelm Food provided.Halal restaurants in Bangkok

Sofia Restaurant

One of the finest and most beautiful Arab food restaurants in Bangkok and located in the (Ramkhamhaeng) area near the airport, where the Muslim population abounds. The restaurant opened almost 20 years ago and is run by a Muslim man and his wife and offers different types of Thai, Chinese and Arabic food.

Al Hussain Restaurant

When asked about halal restaurants in Bangkok, one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in the city must be referred to as “Al Hussain”. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Bangladeshi, Indian and Arabic dishes. The restaurant is distinguished by the provision of fresh special bread made in the restaurant specifically during the request. You find kebab skewers made of sheep meat with a special herbal mixture, but the restaurant considers itself more specialized in serving the "chicken curry" dish.

Nefertiti Restaurant

If you are looking for halal restaurants in Bangkok that take you to the hustle and bustle of life in the Arab capitals, we recommend the Egyptian restaurant “Nefertiti.” The restaurant provides its customers with seating and browning places, with light snacks from the Egyptian and Shami cuisine.

The nine balls restaurant

Nine Ball Restaurant and Café is one of the places that provides Halal Arabic food in the capital of Thailand Bangkok. The restaurant offers you a list of main dishes such as grilled chicken, curry chicken, chicken meat and sheep meat in the form of kebab skewers. Tourists to drink Arabic drinks such as mint tea and coffee. It also provides open spaces for those wishing to smoke away from families ’places.

Pawarche Indian Restaurant

As it seems from the name of the restaurant, it is not an Arab restaurant in the first place, but it is one of the best halal restaurants in Bangkok. The main menu of the restaurant includes most types of local Indian food, but it is distinguished and diverse. The Indian Bawarchi Restaurant offers chicken dishes with curry and also serves vegetables with spices and meat in Tandoori. The restaurant is of various types of fish dishes as well. There are four branches of the restaurant in Bangkok.

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