Dalma Island Abu Dhabi is one of the tourist islands of the Emirates, which is located in the Arabian Gulf, about 42 km off the coast of Abu Dhabi, a specifically dumped port, and about 304 km from the center of the charming city of Abu Dhabi, and is considered one of the best places of tourism in Abu Dhabi.
According to studies, 20 archaeological sites in the island have been identified, most of which date back to the late Stone Age, which has increased its importance as one of the archaeological islands of Abu Dhabi. The island also includes many farms for the ruling family, in addition to the most important Emirates tourist attractions in the region, which is a palace For the late ruler, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan.
Dalma Island, Abu Dhabi

things to do in Dalma Island, Abu Dhabi

Access to the island is available through regular sea trips, making it the first enjoyable experience you will have when visiting this unique island in Abu Dhabi.

Start your enjoyable journey on this island by taking a tour that explores and introduces you to its main attractions. If you find it difficult to explore the island on foot, you can rent one of the horse carriages provided by the place.

Dalma Island in Abu Dhabi

There are more opportunities for you to enjoy the stunning sea views during your visit to Dalma Island in Abu Dhabi. One of these opportunities is the island’s port, which hosts a range of boats. You can take one of the available sea tours, enjoy a unique meal while on board, explore the sea on a private yacht that you can rent, or perhaps even immerse yourself in the waters on one of the available small boats.

• This island represents the concept of diversity at its finest. In addition to all the fun activities available to you, you can also enjoy some shopping. The island offers various shopping options through its commercial centers and different stores.

• Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the Abu Dhabi Dalma Island Museum, which showcases fascinating artifacts from various periods of the island’s rich history.

• After that, you can head to the beautiful beach to enjoy the scenic nature. You may be one of those who love to relax on the beach on Dalma Island Abu Dhabi and watch the shimmering sea waters. Or, you may not be satisfied with just that and want to enjoy the sea even more by swimming.

Dalma Island Abu Dhabi

Food options available on Dalma Island

The island has a number of restaurants and cafes that you can visit during your trip to the island.

Tourist attractions near Dalma Island

The island’s location is close to several tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi, such as the Dalma Museum, which is 3.46 km away.

Hotels near Dalma Island Abu Dhabi

Western Ghayathi Hotel is one of the best 3-star hotels in Abu Dhabi, about 104 km from Dalma Island Abu Dhabi.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The location is excellent and close to the services, the staff is excellent, the breakfast buffet is excellent and included with some reservations, its services and facilities are great and suitable for families.
Hotel reservation
Danat Jabal Dhanna Resort is one of the best 5-star Abu Dhabi resorts, 62.8 km from Dalma Island Abu Dhabi.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The location is excellent opposite the beach, the staff are helpful, the rooms are comfortable and clean and have stunning views, the food is good, the facilities are extensive and distinctive especially the children’s playgrounds.
Hotel reservation

Delma Island Abu Dhabi site on Google Map

Where is Dalma Island located?

You can find out the location of Dalma Island on the map in this report.

Are there any restaurants on Dalma Island?

Yes, and the restaurants on Dalma Island Abu Dhabi attract a large number of island visitors.

What are the best hotels on Dalma Island?

We have selected the best hotels on Dalma Island in the article that we recommend.

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