9 tips to live in Turkey

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I want to live in Turkey. What are the tips and experiences of living there? In light of the increase in the number of immigrants to Turkey, whether for residency or tourism, and despite the increase in population growth in Turkey, it is still the ideal destination for those wishing to tourism, and the sure interface for those wishing to live and settle down in a stable security and economic community, so in this article on the travelers website The Arabs have dedicated it for those who want to travel to Turkey and on matters related to living there, especially in their first period in Turkey.

Live in Turkey:

Turkey is one of the best countries to live in, where the development is noticeably developing and the economy is good, as well as the Turkish government’s interest in preserving the rights of foreigners and non-racism in dealings. As follows:

  • Student residence: This type is issued for students, whether school or university students, and its procedures are very easy, as it only requires that the student be registered in the school, institute or university.
  • Work residence: It is the best type of residence there because it qualifies for Turkish citizenship for the resident and his family, and it is issued to employees and employers in Turkey.
  • Real estate residence: Is issued to real estate owners in Turkey, and qualifies him to obtain citizenship, so all that is required is to own a property.
  • Establishing tourism: This residence is issued for those wishing to stay in Turkey for a year or two in order to explore the country and to search for the best investment opportunities that qualify for citizenship.

9 tips for living in Turkey:

Students, expatriates and residents of Turkey always share some advice related to living in Turkey, starting with tips for searching for work and obtaining a home to stay and after the experiences and treatment there, here are some tips:

  • Knowing the nature of the Turkish people:

There are many Turkish associations that include many activities for the internationals and the Turks each other for free or in exchange for some fees, as these societies organize trips to historical sites or hold poetry evenings or lessons to learn English such as the International Association of Women Izmir, and Istanbul is considered the greatest headquarters for expats Being an active global city.

  • Cultural shock:

It is necessary to be accustomed to living in the same manner as the Turkish style, where ignoring problems is sometimes comfortable and sometimes frustrating, and despite this habit it will be slower some thing but it is necessary to be patient and try to adapt to the culture and nature of the Turkish people and the way of life.

  • Healthcare :

The health sector in Turkey is distinguished by its continuous development and progress, where many doctors are trained in some advanced European countries or in the United States of America, but for the equipment, the best tools and equipment that reach the science are used, and the private hospitals contracted with America are the best that provide their services for sums Financial is prohibitive, while government hospitals and Turkey provide general insurance to obtain health services free of charge, but for private clinics, the average detection starts from 50 to 150 pounds, and for pharmacies there do not dispense any drugs without an official prescription.

  • Cultural diversity in Turkey:

Turkey is one of the countries that are very open to other cultures, lifestyles and religions, as the recovery of tourism in all parts of Turkey and the visits of Europeans and Russians helped to upset beliefs and cultures, so Turkey has become more open and welcoming to foreign guests, because the nature of the Turkish people is kind to foreigners and open, and despite the problem It may be a hindrance, but they will not stop providing assistance in any way.

  • Living :

The cost of housing in Turkey varies greatly, for example in the city of Istanbul, housing costs are very expensive compared to many capitals of other European countries.

  • the work :

The official minimum there are 1300 liras, while the average salaries of Turkish citizens there is about 2000 liras, and the Turkish language there is one of the basic conditions for obtaining work sometimes, and due to the increase in the numbers of Arab immigrants from Syria and Egypt Iraq, an Arab community appeared in the composition of its business and investment, so a lot of Jobs are in the Arab sector, but work is often without permission and is done informally.

  • Real estate in Turkey:

Real estate investment and buying apartments in Turkey is considered to have a very large market inside and outside Turkey, and it is considered a factor of investment attraction there, as for real estate prices, they vary according to the area and location and according to the well-being of the apartment, the prices of apartments in Istanbul may begin between 30 to 40 thousand dollars while in other cities It could start from 20 thousand dollars.

  • Study and education:

Free education and education services are available in Turkey in government schools, unlike private schools that impose exorbitant tuition fees, and the Turkish government has provided many facilities for Arabs there to continue studying there either for free or for fees to be paid in varying installments.

  • Mobility :

Turkey has a very good transportation network, where there are thousands of available means of transportation, whether metro, ferries, tram or trains and taxis, and transportation fees can be paid there either by magnetic carriers or by payment with the OGS system.


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