A 10-day tourist program in Dubai

المسافرون العرب

This article offers you the best tourist program in Dubai for 10 days, if you want to spend a short vacation in a special place, this city is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, as the number of tourists there reaches more than 15 million tourists annually.
The city includes many distinctive tourist destinations because it contains many resorts and distinct villages besides the presence of hotels at the highest level of service, so if you want to plan to go there, it is through Arab travelers that you will be able to know taking a tour to see the most important and most prominent tourist places in just 10 days.

The best tourist program in Dubai for 10 days

1. The first day

  • You can start your tourism program on the first day by getting a rest and tranquility by visiting the city’s green parks.
  • The gardens there have a lot of picturesque places that you can enjoy their beauty by wandering around, in addition to that you can ride bikes there and cable car.
  • Among the most beautiful and most prominent parks that you can visit are Al Safa Park and Burj Khalifa, flowers and butterflies.

2. The second day

  • The city of Dubai is distinguished for its colorful water buses, and of course you cannot go to that emirate without going through that special experience.
  • You can go on a cruise bus, which will enable you to see many attractions, most notably the Sheikha Maryam Palace.
  • Taking this trip is an unforgettable experience of course, so make sure you have the camera in your possession to take pictures of it.

3. The third day

  • Dubai’s exciting and unique experiences don’t stop there, you need to visit the Aquarium, which is one of the most amazing places there.
  • When you go to this place you will actually find yourself under the depths of the seas, and through that you can see many marine creatures, from sharks and crocodiles.
  • You can sit there and savor the best dishes in the restaurants there.

4. The fourth day

  • Have you ever thought about going on a helicopter flight ?, you can fulfill this dream in Dubai if you are adventurous.
  • You can book a small helicopter flight for up to 5 people, as you can see the most important landmarks in the city, the most prominent of which is the Palm Island.

5. Fifth day

  • The middle of the tourist program needs to go to a different and unique place related to the city’s heritage, which means that you have to go to the fun safari in the middle of the desert in the city to live the life of the Bedouins.
  • You can enjoy the taste of grilled meats and unique original Arabic coffee, along with enjoyable night concerts and the possibility to ride sand bikes.

6. The sixth day

  • The fun program experiences are still going on, you need to take a unique adventure such as going to the snowy city of Mall of the Emirates.
  • When you visit that city, you will actually live the snowy atmosphere of Europe, so be sure to wear winter clothes when going there.

7. The seventh day

  • If you need to go for a cultural tour, you should visit Dubai World Village, which is one of the most attractive places for tourists.
  • The village includes a museum that houses many of the city’s heritage exhibits.

8. Eighth day

  • On the eighth day, you can go to the charming Jumeirah, which contains many restaurants and cafes, as well as various malls.
  • It also includes many picturesque tourist resorts, along with the Jumeirah Mosque which is considered an Islamic beacon mainly for the place.

9. The ninth day

  • For more recreational activities, you should also go to the water parks, which enable you to go diving in addition to fun water games.
  • One of the most prominent water parks that you can visit is Aquaventure and Wild Wadi.

10. The tenth day

  • The conclusion of this program needs to take a special yacht cruise, which enables you to spend unforgettable and enjoyable times.
  • Among the activities that you can do there are also fishing next to diving, and yacht tours are available at different prices depending on the degree of luxury there.
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