A beautiful ancient city

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A beautiful ancient city

The ancient city of Jamila is a Roman amphitheater, its location is in the northeastern side of the state of Algeria, it was established at the end of the first century AD, and it belongs administratively to the state of Setif at the present time, as it is 50 km away from it, and rises from the sea level 900 m, and developed by an organization UNESCO is on the list of world heritage sites in the year 1982 AD, and it is called by several names, including the city of Kwikule and the city of Jameela.

Location and geographical nature

The city is distinguished by its location on an important strategic location linking the regions of the north and the south, and between the regions of the east and the west, where it lies on a series of mountain hills surrounded by valleys, and reached its height during the days of the Antonin family rule, and it flourished a lot in the cultivation of olive trees and grains, and its mountain character dominated, Where the mountains represent 50% of its total area, but its climate is characterized by a hot climate in the summer, and cool in the winter.

Sections of the city

The city consists of three sections: the old city known as the northern suburbs, the new city known as the southern regions, and the Christian area located in the southeastern side of the city.

Beautiful city ruins

  • Bathrooms: It is located on the southern side of the city, and it has a dozen of twelve galleries. It contains a large basin and two small basins separated from each other by pink alabaster pillars. It also contains a sports hall, a clothes hall, and a cool room.
  • Markets and shops: The shops used to resemble those of Temgad, while the market contained a raised pillar containing six columns, a room for scales, a pool, and a statue of the god Mercur, and one of its most famous markets is the Kuzlinius Market.
  • Forum Fort: It became a center for political life in the city at the end of the second and early third centuries CE.
  • Squares: The city includes two public parks:
    • The first is a center of political life in the city, and includes the Temple of Venus, a hall for assembly of the Senate, statues on which the dedications were engraved, and the court building, which is tiled 44 meters wide and 48 meters long, and is located on the side of the main cardo in the east.
    • The second, known as the South Square, was constructed due to urban expansion, and it includes two great buildings: the great temple built in the year 229 AD in honor of the family of Sivi Rousseau, and the arch of victory built in the year 216 AD in honor of the Emperor Caracalla.
  • Capitol: It is located on the northeastern side of the Forum Fortress, and is considered a political and religious center in the city, and was dedicated to the cult of Juno, Minerva and Jupiter.
  • Roman Theater: Engraved in the plateau, it can accommodate 3000 spectators.
  • Beautiful City Museum: It contains many important monuments such as the Tomb of Bacchus.
  • Old luxury homes: As the home of Yajos, and Kastrios.

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