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Oresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge connects the Øresund between Amager and Oresund in Denmark with the province of Skåne in Sweden, and the length of this bridge is more than 16.4 km. Also, this road connects through the Oresund Strait, between the urban areas of Copenhagen and Malmö, and this bridge is the fastest way To carry passengers between Sweden and Denmark without flying, and it transports more than 60,000 passengers daily.

The history of the construction of the Øresund Bridge

It was agreed to build a bridge between the governments of Denmark and Sweden in order to connect the two countries through the Strait of Oresund in 1991 AD. This bridge was completed between Malmo in Sweden on the right side, and Copenhagen in Denmark on the left, and opened for work in 2000 AD.

This bridge consists of three main parts, which is the 4-kilometer tunnel, which can be used in the event of travel and is the first thing that is entered when traveling from Copenhagen to Malmo in Sweden, then when out of it to sea level, passage is through the Danish artificial island. Biberholm ”, and then you must pass to the final station, which is a cable suspension bridge that extends for an distance of 8 km and ends in Swedish territory.

Information about the Oresund Bridge

General information about the Oresund Bridge is as follows:

  • The Oresund Bridge is the miracle of modern engineering, and is the longest cable-hanging bridge in the world.
  • Its towers are about 204 meters high.
  • The bridge consists of two levels: the railway passes along the lower deck while cars pass the upper paved road.
  • Passing through this bridge requires paying a financial fee, and the traveler can purchase single or multi-use pass tickets.
  • Passengers must hold a passport or driver’s license to enter Sweden.
  • The Oresund Bridge consists of four tracks on the top floor, supporting traffic for nearly six million vehicles annually, in addition to having two train tracks on the lower level that transports approximately eight million people annually.
  • It takes about ten minutes to cross the car via this bridge, while the train journey takes about 35 minutes.

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