A brief report on the spring vacation in Qatar

المسافرون العرب

I will write it in points and specific so that the information is useful to everyone:
4 days was very sufficient in Doha
– Doha is beautiful, very clean, and a people where you find a mixture of grace and originality, while maintaining customs and traditions at the same time. ,,,
The country has developed a lot, especially for those who know Doha 10-15 years ago
Most, if not all, of their cars (Land Cruiser-Lexus-Landrover) are new, frankly
– The two countries are frequently noticed in all recreational places, cafes and tourist places, unlike Dubai, you can only find tourists and residents of the country.
Doha Corniche is very short, unlike what I had envisioned, but it is beautiful, very clean and tidy.
There are wooden boats on the corniche that rent and take you a roll on the corniche.
– There is a beautiful restaurant on the Corniche, but its name is Morgan, and it offers shisha and has a branch in Souq Waqif
Salwa Road works for expansion and tunnels, which is the main road and artery in the country.
– Souq Waqif is one of the best likes in Doha ,,, an old neighborhood renewed and updated and there are restaurants, shops and cafes and frankly the prices are very very reasonable ,,, the meeting is elegant and sweet, families or singles ,,, and I went to him twice
– For hookah lovers ,,, DJU Café has two apple sweetener and lifts you above the clouds
-If you go to Qatar, do not forget to buy their ghutra ,,, excellent quality, but expensive, and pay attention, do not scare your sellers when they know that you are strange ,,, they give you normal quality at a good price.
– The Saudi currency must be converted and do not use it there because the price will be a loss and a difference for you.
The prices of food and cafes in the Katara region and the Pearl are very expensive because they are upscale tourist places.
Katara is a beautiful place, based on the heritage look, overlooking the sea, and there are restaurants, cafes, and some water games (exchange, jet ski, banana, parachute), and their prices are reasonable.
There is a place for meals and cracks in Katara ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you cannot miss an experience ,,, and there is a second booth on the beach to avoid crowding.
The Pearl is a sophisticated place resembling the Dubai Marina, and it has a set of shops for brands, restaurants and cafes, including the Pigeon Tower, but the prices are fire.
There are people in the pearl renting a boat called Taxi and taking you on a roll in the marina, preferably at daytime to see the Deira.
– The Villaggio complex is a large complex, frankly and psychologically convenient, and close to it is the Hyatt Plaza complex
– Near them there is a garden and Aspire Academy ,,, frankly, the garden is beautiful and nice, but it is a shame that there are not many restaurants ,,,, you must visit it and keep you ready for lunch if in your mind something
– As for entering the Aspiyar Park: entering with a ticket and when exiting from another gate you pay five riyals if it is less than ten minutes or you have to exit from the same gate from which you entered.
– More community attracted my attention the Egyptian community heavily, and then the Filipino and Indian.
– As for the entry of foreigners ,,, a visa is required and is given from the borders of some countries and professions. I do not have a Visa or Master Card with you to pay the fees.
– Honestly, the Qatari passports in entry and exit are slow at all in the sealing, and God will help you if you overthrow an employee ,,, this drew my attention strongly and may have their excuse.
– The Saudi port is unfortunately once a fan, and the Qatari port is elegant and new.
We lived in Grand Hyatt and took a chalet: Honestly, the amount in which you deserve it ,,, the kitchen is completely empty and the equipment most of them are broken and there is no breakfast and room service they do not respond quickly to the phone and the worst among them is the house-keeping ,,, but like rooms and resort and my beach is beautiful and the ponds are many and find a gym for women And for the men. (I cannot help but detail any question in this regard, I am present)
There is a new mall called Laguna, in front of the Grand Life, and it has camphor for families
– Gasoline: There is excellent 0.80 and super 1.00 riyals per liter
There are maps printed at Carrefour that are small and good, which you can rely on for 5 QR
– After the Qatari port heading to Doha, there are radar cameras for speed approximately every 5 km … Watch out for speed
The port was crowded at this time, and it took me nearly 3 hours to finish.
– The Qatari people are generous, energetic, and snafy, and deserve all the best
I noticed that the Qatari youth maintains the uniform. Rarely, or perhaps no one, is wearing trousers or shirts.

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