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A city in Sweden famous for its museums


Sweden is located in northern Europe, where it shares its land borders with Norway to the west, and Finland to the northeast, and shares its southern maritime borders with Denmark, Germany and Poland, and the eastern borders with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, and there is a bridge and tunnel between them and Denmark.
Stockholm is the capital and largest city in Sweden, and the Swedish language is the official language in the country, but there are some languages ​​that are spoken by some population minorities such as Minkeli, Sami, Romanian, Yiddish, and Lutheranism is the official religion in the Swedish countries.

Sweden contains many cities, each of which is characterized by privileges, which made them tourist cities that are popular with tourists from all over the world. Some also like to migrate to and settle in. Sweden in general encourages immigration to it because of its low population density.
The various museums are considered tourist sites that tourists visit to enjoy what links them between the past and the present in various fields. These museums are located in several cities.

Swedish city with its museums

Uppsala city

Uppsala is located northwest of Stockholm and is 70 km away from it. It is characterized by a humid continental climate where the summer is warm and the winter is cold, but it is not very cold as it is in the cities on the same latitudes. This gave it a special importance, and the city is famous for many important tourist sites from The most important of them is the University Museum, which was founded with funding from King Gustavus Adolphus, and contains the university’s collections, which was the main building for them. E, there is theater built on the surface in 1660.
There is the Island County Museum: This museum is located in an old mill built in 1760 AD, and the exhibition includes many exhibitions in which special events are held temporarily, and permanent exhibitions that can be seen at any time of the year, and these galleries include photography, crafts, music and folklore, It has also created a children’s corner and there is a café and souvenir shops.

The city of Stockholm

The Swedish capital Stockholm contains many tourist sites, the most important of which is the Vasa Museum, which was opened in 1990, and is a Swedish sailing warship built in 1628 AD. This ship sank after its first sailing and disappeared until it was found in the fifties, and was extracted from the sea It was still preserved in the form of its structure, and the Swedish authorities turned it into a museum.

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