The city of Sharm El-Sheikh is considered one of the most important tourism destinations in Egypt, as it is particularly popular in the hearts of tourists from all over the world. The city of peace is also called the blend of the spirit of the countryside and the civilization of the city.

Because diving is one of the most famous events in Egypt and Sharm El-Sheikh in particular, we prepared a guide that includes the most important diving centers in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh includes a group of the best hotels in Egypt in terms of the level of services, facilities provided, prices and location of the most famous landmarks in the city. The following link provides a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh as assessed by previous visitors .. Read more

The best places to dive in Sharm El Sheikh

The best places to dive in Sharm El Sheikh

In this article, we offer you the best diving centers in Sharm El Sheikh based on the opinions of visitors to these centers:

Sheikh Coast Center Sharm El Sheikh

The center is characterized by its location near the Gulf of Aqaba, and its clean boats, in addition to the quality of the equipment provided to you.

Diving centers in Sharm El Sheikh

Sinai Divers Center

The Sinai Divers Center provides you with opportunities to experience the best diving sites in the sea with professional and understanding diving professors. The center also includes speedy education courses, either individually or with a small group, while providing each person with his time to make sure of his absorption before starting the most beautiful adventures in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Emperor Divers Center, Sharm El-Sheikh

You will feel the utmost care in this center by the staff and divers specifically, and may be characterized by clean boats, organizing the most beautiful diving trips, in addition to the friendly and professional staff, and this center is one of the most famous diving centers in Sharm El Sheikh.

The best places to dive in Sharm El Sheikh

Red Sea Diving College

It is one of the most famous centers in Sharm El Sheikh to give him the best educational courses, and is considered a world-class where the coaches are very highly experienced and they use high quality advanced equipment, in addition to organizing the best diving trips.

Diving places in Sharm El Sheikh

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