A detailed report on the Bosphorus trip from Eminonu

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If you are a fan of tourism in Turkey, especially tourist trips, you must try one of the most wonderful and most enjoyable cruises ever if not the most enjoyable and is the Bosphorus interesting journey between the European and Asian shores of Istanbul.

The Bosphorus cruises are divided into four types, namely short trips that take about two hours, long trips, night trips that take about six hours, and special trips of different duration and departure times, according to the company that organizes the trip.

The Bosphorus tours in Istanbul start from three different ports, namely the Aminonu Port, Kabatash Port and Ortakoy. In this report, we will learn about the Bosphorus flight details from Eminonu, which is the main port for Bosphorus travel.

Bosphorus flight dates from Eminonu

The dates of Bosphorus trips from Eminonu differ according to the date of departure and duration of the trips, according to the type of trip, so that all tourists can enjoy the trip at the time they descend, and the schedule of appointments is as follows:

Short trip: Short Bosphorus cruises depart from Amenunu Port at 14:30 until 16:30 Istanbul time, as Aminunu Port trips take about two hours.

The long journey: Long Bosphorus tours depart from Amenunu Port at 10:35 until 16:40 hours, which take approximately 6 hours.

Flights tonight: Bosphorus flights depart tonight from Aminono port from 18:25 to 00:10, where the journey lasts about 6 hours, but a quarter.

Private trips: Many tourist companies provide special trips from the Aminonu Port of Turkey, and depart for approximately every hour.

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The location of Istanbul’s Aminon port

The cost of a Bosphorus trip from Eminonu

The cost of Bosphorus trips for an adult ranges from 12 to 25 pounds and from 6 to 12.5 pounds for children under the age of 12 years, and the price varies according to the type of trip as shown in the following table:

Flight type

A two-way long journey
25 pounds

Long way one way
15 liras

Two-way long trip (children under 12 years old)
12.5 pounds

Long way one way (kids under 12 years old)
6 pounds

short trip
12 pounds

Short trip (children under 12 years old)
6 pounds

Night flight
20 pounds

All Bosphorus trips (children under 6 years old)

* All trips are free for children under six. The above prices may also change from time to time, so we recommend taking a quick look at the price table on the official website by clicking Here

* Private fares are not subject to the above table and the private flight costs vary from 299 to 899 euros.

Activities you can do on Bosphorus trips

You can enjoy sightseeing such as the Ciragan Palace and the Bosphorus Bridge from the sea while the ferry passes through it and feed the seagulls that fly around you while taking the most beautiful pictures wonderful memorial.

You can follow the next article to learn more activities you can do while you are embarking on a fun cruise through the Bosphorus … Read more

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