A Greek city famous for its military education

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Sparta is a city of military education

The word Sparta is from the English language, and the word Sparta is from the Greek language. And the city arose out of four villages grouping with each other: the village of Misoa, the village of Betani, the village of Manai, and the village of Kinusura.


The city of Sparta is located geographically in the Laconia region in the southeast of the Peloponnese. The city was built and built on the banks of the Eurotas River, which was based on feeding the city with fresh water. East Baronne Mountain, which is one thousand nine hundred and thirty five meters above the ground, is also separated from Laconia by mountain heights that rise by a thousand meters, and that excellent geography made the city naturally fortified, and the city owns the Laconi Bay which is characterized by the port of Gaithio.


The community of the city of Sparta consists of three tribes, and it is characterized as a male society, based on the marginalization of women and their role, and when the age of fourteen children begins intensive military training and training continues until the age of twenty years, then from the age of twenty to the age of thirty years they join the army, either From the age of more than thirty they meet in men’s clubs, and eat together.

Military Sparta

After the second Mycenaean war, and its victory, the city’s wealth increased, and it expanded its moral and real influence over the neighboring Greek cities, then it decided to be a military state, meaning that the military would rule the city, and the city became always expansionist goals, and that the war was a means of deterrence and a means of earning And to maximize the military power, so that the soldier obtained high and sophisticated grades in the social ladder, and the military rule resulted in the emergence of garrison systems, and the training of all members of the city, whether male or female, in the methods of fighting and war.

State and constitution

The constitution of the city of Sparta was called Preta, and it stated:

  • Two of the kings must rule Sparta, but one of them must be Uribontedi, and the other one is Ajyadi.
  • In the country there will be a People’s Assembly, and it will be called Jerusia.
  • The presence of an army association.

The constitution was based on determining powers and assigning tasks to each of the above.

After a period of time, Lyricogos formed a new military system, where he spoke that the city walls do not protect it, but rather that its people must protect it, and he enacted many laws, including:

  • That the state belongs to all of its people.
  • Age to compel girls to be trained as mothers of heroes.
  • Age is mandatory to train young people, so that they are strong soldiers.

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