A guide for tourism and entertainment in the waterfall amusement in Jeddah

المسافرون العرب

Detailed information about the waterfall parks in Jeddah, Jeddah is distinguished by it includes many recreational places that help you spend fun and fun times inside it and one of these places is the waterfall parks, it is one of the entertainment places and most notable at all in spending the best times and enjoying the various entertainment services inside, travelers Arabs help you get to know the waterfall amusement parks in Jeddah.

Waterfall in Jeddah

The city of Al-Shallal was established in Jeddah on one of the shores of the Red Sea, and it overlooks the sea’s promenade, which helps you spend a fun time beside the sea view and its wonderful hobby. It was established on an area of ​​sixty thousand square meters, and continued development during the previous years to become one of the most prominent and best entertainment places Inside Jeddah.
The amusement park varies by offering a lot of fun games that suit all members of the family, and it is a favorite place to spend time with friends, as joy and joy enters the hearts of its visitors, and games are suitable for young and old, and it is a tourist attraction for tourists inside Jeddah.

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Recreational activities inside the waterfall parks in Jeddah

  • Electrical toys

Al-Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah diversified in including many different games that are interesting and exciting for happiness and fun and also sometimes a feeling of fear such as Roller Coaster and Noble, and these games do not suit the owners of weak hearts, and there are also games that suit all members of the family and are fun and fun because it is Many distinctive team games including pirate game, samba tower game, amazon game.

  • Snowboarding

Al Shallal Theme Park contains a large hall equipped and dedicated for fans of snowboarding hobby, which adults can enter as well as young people, where there are specialized trainers to follow the conditions inside, so that no injuries occur to people or help those who need skiing and can not.

  • Games halls

A waterfall theme park is dedicated part of it to visitors who enjoy games in the indoor lounges, which the family enjoy a lot like a billiard hall and a bowling alley.

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  • Kids Games

There are a lot of games for children that they will enjoy very much, such as Paris tour game, car elevator game, and crazy submarine game.

  • Restaurants

There are a lot of restaurants that help you to complete the day without feeling tired, and it does not harm to leave the place to eat your meals, because it offers the most delicious different types of meals that my kids have, and meals from different oriental and international kitchens that are preferred by adults, including Al Dayaa Restaurant which specializes in providing Lebanese dishes And fresh, with its distinctive food, Hainan Restaurant, which specializes in Chinese cuisine, and other restaurants serving grills and chicken, as well as a large variety of shops.

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  • Industrial park

A place has been added for lovers of sitting in the natural landscape, whether to relax and away from the atmosphere of cabarets or to eat meals in comfort and enjoyment, and also lovers of walking on the beach, with a lot of vast green spaces, high trees and various types of flowers, engineering decorations and multiple lights that give an aesthetic touch.

  • parking

It contains a large place designated for cars, so you do not be confused about how to park your cars while you are going to the amusement park, and it accommodates a very large number of cars inside.
Individual entry to the theme park: 32 Saudi riyals per person
It opens its doors from 5 pm until one o’clock after midnight, and for more information about cabarets you can visit its official website by clicking on this link

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