A guide to the best tourist places in Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Knowing the best tourist places in Kandy Sri Lanka is the perfect choice for those looking to go for distinctive and different destinations, as this city is located in the center of Sri Lanka and contains a lot of picturesque places worth visiting, as it is joined to the list of UNESCO heritage sites.
The population of the city of Kandy reaches more than one hundred thousand people, and it is worth noting that the State of Sri Lanka is located in the north of the Indian Ocean, and it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and it is called the land of the smiling people, through Arab travelers you can wander inside that city to see the most important tourist places that exist With it, which will ensure that you spend a wonderful and wonderful time that you cannot forget.

The most beautiful tourist places in Kandy, Sri Lanka

1. Royal Botanical Garden

  • One of the most places that guarantee your rest and relaxation, it is located in the west of the city, near the Mahaweli River, which is the longest river in the world.
  • The garden area is approximately 147 acres, and contains many colorful birds in bright colors.
  • The garden is characterized by its captivating scenery, as it consists of many vast green areas, along with many distinctive fruit trees and wonderful orchards.
  • The fruit trees vary there between coconut and palm trees, from which you can taste their fruits and enjoy their good taste.
  • The best thing that you can do there is to wander around the park to admire its magnificent scenery as well as take souvenir photos of this place.

2. Lake Kandy

  • One of the most prominent tourist destinations in Kandy, which is one of the most beautiful lakes of Sri Lanka.
  • You can rent a boat to wander around in the middle of the lake to enjoy the scenic landscapes surrounding the lake with birds and trees.
  • Among the most prominent places around the lake while you are on the boat, there are many holy temples on the beliefs of the townspeople.
  • During your tour of this place, you will find the summer royal house, which is a tourist attraction, and you can go running in this place.
  • Visiting such an amazing place definitely requires obtaining souvenir photos, so be sure to have the camera in your possession while you are roaming.

3. Elephants orphanage

  • Established in 1975, it contains the largest number of orphan elephants in the world. It is an orphanage to house them.
  • The place is characterized as a destination for many tourists who come from different countries of the world to see elephants.
  • The place also includes many beautiful natural scenic areas of trees and springs that enable you to have a good degree of relaxation and calm.
  • The venue also offers visitors many delicious local dishes.
  • When you walk around, you’ll learn more about how to care for and feed young orphaned elephants.
  • When you finish visiting the orphanage, you can shop at many stores located nearby.

4. Yodaawatakeli Preserved Forest

  • The city of Kandy contains many forests, the most prominent of which is the forest, which was established by the ancient Sri Lankan kings for recreation.
  • The park contains many scenic and many birds, as well as various animals.
  • On your way to the park, you will also find a number of special places for Buddhists to meditate.

5. Girajama Farm

  • Kandy is famous for its many tea plantations, the most notable of which is the Girajama Farm, which includes many picturesque vast green spaces.
  • Touring this farm will make you familiarize yourself with the main stages of making tea, as you can taste their products there.

6. The National Museum

  • This place joins as one of the most important UNESCO heritage sites, which was built by a king and his name is Sri Wickrama, where the museum was originally considered his home.
  • The place includes many artifacts and various artifacts, most notably coins and ancient weapons such as spears and arches, as well as traditional folk costumes that know you more about the history of Sri Lanka.

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