A guide to the most beautiful tourist places in Sharjah

المسافرون العرب

We are pleased to present to you in today’s article a topic on tourist places in Sharjah, which is a city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Sharjah where the ruler’s headquarters and office are located, besides it is the cultural capital of the country where it was chosen to win the title of Capital of the Arab Press for 2016, and it was not Sharjah city is a cultural capital only, but it thrives with tourism and is one of the best tourist cities in the Emirates, and through Arab travelers we will show you the best tourist places in Sharjah

A guide to the most beautiful tourist places in Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the best tourist cities, specifically for children and families, as it has many places that allow them to take a walk inside it, in addition to it includes many museums, markets and beautiful places that are characterized by its picturesque nature, along with places of entertainment, and here are now the best tourist places in the city .

Khalid Lake

Lake Khalid is one of the best projects in the UAE, and it is considered a turning point for the country from the tourist side, so you can go to it for wandering and hiking, it provides for tourists and citizens

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  • Go hiking or running along the lake road. You can also go cycling.
  • Enjoy sitting under the shade of the lake trees and enjoying the beautiful landscapes and plants that combine with the amazing lake view.
  • You can also eat and drink through restaurants and cafes along the lake road, in addition to the amusement parks for children. You can also watch the dancing fountain of Khalid Lake that reaches a height of nine meters and enjoy taking a souvenir photo alongside it.

Al Khan Street, Sharjah

Al Khan Street is one of the oldest streets in the Emirates, as it is one of the first areas in which the people lived, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Sharjah in terms of its history and status, besides it includes the most important tourist places in the city such as hotels, historical restaurants and archaeological monuments of the state, and when going There, you can do a number of things

  • You can visit several historical places, such as the Tawsha House, which was once the seat of merchant meetings.
  • Visiting multiple Al-Khan Street mosques, especially for archeological mosques, whose founding dates back to previous years. One of the most important mosques found here is Anas Bin Malik Mosque.

Sharjah National Park

As this park is one of the most visited and visited places by families, children and tourists, and this is because it is characterized by many stunning views and fun games, and when you go there you can do many things

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  • You can take your children to get to know the most beautiful sights in the park, and the popular markets. You can also walk around the park by the children’s entertainment train.
  • The garden provides children in all kinds of business a wide place for fun electrical and electronic games.
  • You can enjoy the time in the garden in complete freedom from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening.

Sharjah Marine Museum

It is classified as one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Emirates and many tourists accept it to know the maritime history of the country, where you can learn many marine things about the country when going there, because it is there

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  • Traditional wooden ships made for the sea in the past for hunting, diving and pearls research before the discovery of oil.
  • Seeing different types of ships and their natural forms, in addition to watching the dazzling pearls extracted from the deep sea. Gulf countries.
  • What makes the museum unique is the presence of the Al Qasimina ship located directly in the marina, outside the museum building. What distinguishes the ship is that it is the last ship where the type is on the ground to this day, along with the pearl ship, which some believe is the oldest known pearl in the world where it is estimated to be seven thousand years old. .

Now you can visit these picturesque tourist places that characterize tourism in the Emirates, as there are many other tourist places.

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