A guide to the most famous sights in Turkey

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Guide to the most beautiful sights in Turkey is recommended to visit, Turkey has a high position in the field of tourism. The availability of tourist places by land, impact, sea and air in a diversity that combines all that is historical and all that is contemporary, and everything that puts the tourist in this country in the scope of urbanization and civil as well as the latest entertainment oceans.
Below is an article for Arab travelers on tourist attractions in Turkey

The names of Turkey’s tourist cities

  • Characterized by the Turkish capital Ankara In many historical neighborhoods, old streets, and houses built in the Ottoman style, so wandering around is something that cannot be stopped.
  • Spread byIstanbul Many examples of historical and religious architecture. Also, you will find many opportunities you can take from the Bosphorus, or souvenir markets, and handicrafts.
  • How about a picnic between heaven and earth in Taflirik Antalya? It’s the best outing of course! You can also enjoy sunset and sunset views on the beaches scattered there.
  • Spending time bIzmir It is a wonderful outing! It provides all the arenas and tourist opportunities for recreation lovers and those looking for therapy. This is in addition to the presence of Roman ruins in it.
  • The parachute ride bGoreme Make it the most beautiful Turkish tourist cities! It is also prepared to host families and their children, and eat traditional Turkish cuisine, in addition to the presence of historical architecture.
  • If you are a fan of green hiking tours, then your place in Turkey is Market . There are many parks and green spaces, in addition to the cable car picnic, and historical monuments there.
  • Turkey does not find a better tourist destination for medical treatment than Yelwa . The presence of therapeutic springs in the village of Termal makes it a great destination for tourism and hospitalization. This is in addition to highlands, forests and waterfalls.
  • Want another medical tourism tour? Then you have to go to Risa. In addition to the charming nature, it will be a pleasure to cure Galen Tolo hot waterfalls, and Eder spa.
  • A new opportunity to relax in Medina Spanga. Where the wonderful lake, waterfalls, and skiing with a mountain Kartepe.
  • Will take pictures of nature Tappons Northern Turkey is the best you can do, in addition to your exploration of the Chal Cave and the highlands of Sultan Murad.
  • Make sure it is the right decision if you choose to stay in a wooden hotel bUzungol . The view of the lake and the mountainous hills of the valley is one of the most magnificent.
  • You want a city where you can see the garden and the sea, and enjoy the atmosphere, and the various landscapes, be sure to Urdu It is your destination. There are waterfalls, cable cars, lush parks, and beaches. The city also has the title of Turkish Heart of the North, as well as the title of Land of Tranquility, and the title of the City of Oxygen.

A guide to the most famous sights in Turkey

  • The rise in the value of Turkish tourism worldwide, did not come from a vacuum. In addition to our previous guide to the most important Turkish tourism cities, which satisfy all needs and tastes. We find a great influence for Turkish drama, in the spread of the abstract image of this country, which carries a super beauty.
  • Therefore, what must be recognized now is the most prominent features of Turkish civilization, which everyone is interested in visiting, namely:

Historic landmarks of Turkey

  • Samila Monastery and Temple in Trabzon.
  • Rock tombs in Amasya.
  • Ottoman palaces in Koncarlar.
  • Forts in the Black Sea region.
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul.
  • Istanbul Hagia Sophia Museum.
  • Istanbul Kobe Palace Museum.
  • Gulhane Park in Istanbul.
  • Coy Samson Caves.
  • The Ottoman village of Bursa.
  • Sultan Murad Heights, Chal Cave in Trabzon.
  • Bawabu Hadrian, Antalya, and the Archaeological Museum of Antalya.
  • The road to Antalya and Fatiha.
  • The historic city of Annie, forgotten by the Turkish-Armenian border.
  • Sultans Palace in Istanbul.
  • Galata Tower, Istanbul.
  • The ancient cities of Mardin
  • Ruins of the city of Troy in Janakkale
  • The ancient city of Halicarnassus, Bodrum
  • St. Peter’s Bodrum Castle

Turkey’s attractions for recreational and medical tourism

  • Istanbul Bosphorus.
  • Istanbul Grand Bazaar.
  • Ulus Market in Ankara.
  • Kemerty Market, Izmir.
  • Safranbolu Market.
  • Bodrum Tourist Market.
  • Pomegranate Festival in Antalya.
  • Sufism Festival in Konya.
  • Pamukkale Plateau, Izmir.
  • Glacier mountain slopes of Bursa.
  • Hot springs on a stock exchange.
  • Trabzon forests.
  • Beaches of Alanya.

Turkey has nearly 600 cities and villages, the vast majority of which enjoy the charming picturesque nature, the attractive climate, and the heritage that visiting Turkey only becomes a visit. Therefore, as a country, it is working hard to preserve this excellent diversity, which represents one of the pillars of civilization in building a country like Turkey.


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