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Madain Saleh

Madain Saleh is called Dar Al-Hajar and is located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically between Tabuk and Medina, and away from the Al-Ula Governorate 22 km north, and contains many monuments that originate from nations before history, so Madain Saleh contains many graves that have reached 111 tombs were engraved and carved with various motifs, with decorated rock facades dating back to the first century BC, in addition to the writings that had previously been included Madain Saleh to the World Heritage site and is the first archaeological site recorded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The stone in Madain Saleh

Al-Hajar is the most famous archaeological site in the whole world, and the reason for this is the multiplicity of types of written inscriptions with their memorial, religious, foundational and monarchical types. A southern settlement of the Nabatean kingdom, as the stone contains 153 stone carved facades, it was common for the Nabateans to build tombs as they build palaces, and they use the best craftsmen and engineers to carve the religious symbols that belong to them at the time, and it is worth mentioning a Koran Stone pointed out that it was home to people Thamud, which decimated God Bachihh because of what they did to their own camel.

Madain Saleh station

The Madain Saleh station is one of the major and major stations that receive pilgrims. It has the following:

  • It contains sixteen railway buildings built with polite stone.
  • It includes five wells that were folded with stones.
  • This station contains an ancient pond.
  • It contains a castle of an ancient Islamic character, and contains a well of camel in the middle.

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