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Ma’in baths are located in the south of the Jordanian city of Amman, specifically approximately fifty-eight kilometers from them, where these baths are located in the province of Madaba, twenty-seven kilometers from the city, and this city is famous for containing many springs that number approximately sixty-three Bath, and the most important characteristic of these springs is their different temperatures, despite the similarity of their water in the chemical composition, and the temperature in some of these springs reaches approximately sixty-three degrees Celsius.

Tourist facilities in Ma’in pools

There are five-star hotel resort near the baths of Ma’in, with a capacity of nearly ninety seven hotel rooms in addition to three large meeting rooms, in addition to this there are many natural pools, saunas, public pools, and restaurants overlooking On the waterfalls of Ma’in and its mountains, this resort also has an integrated therapeutic health center that provides visitors from all over the world with spa treatment and massages at the hands of specialists.

Description of Ma’in baths

The baths of Ma’in are considered one of the most attractive places for tourists in all parts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; the reason for this is the steep and dark mountain scenes that are cut by hot water coming from the top of the basaltic mountain that contains fiery rocks, and this water is pouring in the form of eyes and waterfalls in a very scene In splendor and beauty, it should be noted that this water completes its path towards the Mujib Reserve, towards the Dead Sea by crossing through the mountains of Ma’in and the Zara region known for its hot waters.

Medical tourism in the baths of Ma’in

Therapeutic tourism abounds in Ma’in baths, especially in the winter season. The reason for this is the warm climate of the region, especially in the Jordan Valley and between high mountain areas, where thousands of tourists visit it every year, because of the belief that this hot water has the ability to recover from chronic and incurable diseases such as diseases Skin, blood circulation, bone pain, joints, endocrine secretion, chronic sinusitis in addition to back pain, muscles and other diseases; many believe that this is due to the fact that this water contains many important elements such as sodium, calcium Wm, chloride, radon gas, carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen sulfide in addition to the high temperature, and it has proven the ability of this water to stimulate the human body and treat it from psychological, nervous, and physical exhaustion.

Treatment with Ma’in bath water

The ways in which this water is used for healing are varied, as a shower can be taken, or by using bubble bath technology, Jacuzzi baths, water beds, and foot baths, in addition to treatment through inhalation of hot mineral water vapor that contributes to getting rid of chest diseases. Especially those of smokers, and there is a special section in these baths for treating mud from the Dead Sea.

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