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the museum

There are a variety of places that acquire a specific character and are set up for specific goals. Perhaps the museums are one of the most prominent of these places, which is a center that collects and preserves the ancient human heritage, and also conducts various research and development on it, and it is a public place, meaning that it opens its doors to all people in the state , Entry to it is not limited to one slide or another, and it is visited either individually or in groups for several goals, which we will mention later in this article.

The museums are densely distributed in all countries of the world, and they take care of things that represent historical, artistic, or scientific value and others. Very much, and we will talk about the following some general information about museums, the most important of which are visits that are organized to visit in detail.

Types of museums

There are many types of museums in the country, as follows:

  • Zoos, which include various types of animals such as lions, tigers, giraffes, deer, and others.
  • National museums, which are owned by the state.
  • Art museums, which display the most famous international paintings drawn by the most famous painters, artists and others.
  • Scientific museums, which display scientific achievements.
  • Historical museums, displaying ancient manuscripts, pictures, antiques, money, and others.

The importance of museums

The museums that people visit have many benefits and purposes that have gained great importance, including the following:

  • Purposes of study and education.
  • Entertainment and entertainment purposes.
  • Educational purposes.
  • See the ancient and ancient civilizations.

Visiting museums

Some people, individually or with groups, visit museums at different times of the year and in different countries of the world, and they adhere to specific dates, as museums generally have specific times to go out and enter, and they also have to adhere to the rules and etiquette of behavior within museums, and it goes around with these people a person or A guide distributing pamphlets that explain some general and quick information about museums.

Duties to museums

And visitors to museums must adhere to some things when entering the museum, and we mention the following:

  • Keep calm.
  • Order and arrangement.
  • Not to tamper with or attempt to sabotage and touch rare and valuable items.
  • Keep clean.
  • Follow the instructions, whether oral or written.

Famous museums

There are many museums in different countries of the world that enjoy an international reputation and fame, and people from all places come to them, including:

  • London National Museum.
  • Lisbon Museum in Portugal.
  • Poland Museum.
  • The High Gate Museum in Istanbul.
  • The Florence Museum in Italy.

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