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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working to develop tourism in it and making sure to support its heritage places. The Kingdom has many elements of successful tourism, so many travel to it to enjoy religious tourism and visit Makkah, so the Kingdom’s land is filled with Muslims from everywhere in the world who come to visit the Grand Mosque and the Noble Prophet’s Mosque In addition to completing the Hajj pilgrimage and performing Umrah rituals, the Kingdom will be the first destination for all Muslims in the world and the fourth in the classification of the most visited countries out of one hundred and thirty countries, according to the results of the World Tourism Index in 2020, so those responsible for The Tourism Authority, in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization, is developing many areas and documenting cooperation points between the two organizations to focus efforts aimed at supporting the tourism sector. In the following lines, Arab travelers highlight the most important features of tourism in Saudi Arabia that the Kingdom seeks to develop.

Tourism development in Saudi Arabia

Destination development initiatives Tourist

The General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage is working to develop many tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include many cities such as the Okaz market located in Taif, in addition to interest in beautifying the beaches of Cape Verde in Medina, and the heritage village that expresses the most prominent features of Islamic history, to Besides giving support and financing for the development of the Al-Farsan Islands located in Jazzat, and the development of the Al-Baha region to attract tourists to it, as well as paving lounges and oases for road travelers.
In addition to supporting the largest and first geological park in the Kingdom and then registering it with the UNESCO, and drew the attention of tourists to cave tourism and camping in it, as well as developing hot springs, as the Kingdom works to protect the facades and tourist places from human sabotage, and to preserve heritage sites from damage due to mining requests And the resulting results.

Okaz market development in Saudi Arabia

The Okaz market is one of the most prominent Saudi tourist attractions that tourists always refer to. The current Okaz market was built in the same place that had been in the historical market since ancient times, so tourists go to it with a view to seeing its historical features that combine the fragrant ancient history with the splendor of advanced civilization.
The market is the largest meeting place for poets and artists to gather, presenting historical, literary and cultural arts, and tourists go to it to enjoy seminars and lectures in addition to holding large festivals, so the market is like a historical era in which one visits to take back time back to the authentic Arab heritage, and follow up the bureaus Poems and famous commentaries, as the organizers are keen to hold festivals that offer different celebrations, in confirmation of linking heritage history with civilization. A topic on developing tourism in Saudi Arabia - A topic on developing tourism in Saudi Arabia

Dammam city development

Dammam is one of the most wonderful marine cities that you can practice fishing activities, and enjoy pure water in the beaches located on the Arabian Gulf, and Dammam is the capital of the eastern region of the Kingdom, which is famous for the presence of many tourist attractions, and amazing landscapes of groves, water eyes and palms, as well Dammam has a very long coastline that includes many wonderful islands, and places that contain the fragrant history in it, in addition to the huge hotels and tourist resorts that the Kingdom always seeks to develop to enhance tourism activity.
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Al Rayes Beach development

The Kingdom is working to provide the necessary funding to develop Al-Rayes beaches, which are among the best tourist places in Madinah, which are characterized by its charming views of the Red Sea and the existence of quiet beaches with golden sands that everyone intends to enjoy swimming in its waters and fishing, so Al-Rayes beaches are the perfect choice for those looking for Tranquility and relaxation, as the beach area contains many ancient monuments, such as the archaeological port of Elgar.
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