Monuments and Church of St. Paul
It is that city and the special Chinese administrative region that combines east and west, between the present and the contemporary, between culture and the luxury of modern life. The first is Asian and the other is European .. On this topic we will take you on A tour of the most popular places in Macau.
You may think that the most famous places in Macau that sleep on the western side of the Pearl River Delta are only casinos and gambling places, but you will find how far you look from this city when you reach it, it is like Hong Kong for China, architecture and cultural features distinguish parts of it from the city center. Down Town ”to the historic inner harbor and modern outer harbor areas, nature and traditional life characterize Colwani Island and Taipa Village.
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The most popular place in Macau

Holiday-Me_Borg-Macau-Most-Places-in-Macau_208858363-1000 x 750Macau Tower and city view during fireworks

1- Macau Tower

A 338-meter-high tower provides visitors with a wonderful panoramic view and stunning views of all parts of Macau and the Pearl River Delta. This is possible from the observation deck and the revolving restaurant which is located at a level of 223 meters. Ropes, which many athletes who are avid athletes want to practice, in addition to a range of other activities such as air jumping, walking in the sky, bouldering and climbing activities at the base of the tower.

2- The effects of St. Paul

The building originally dates back to the seventeenth century, was completely destroyed by fire in 1835 and what remains to this day is the façade of the Church and St. Paul’s Institute, and the façade of the ruins nowadays has a symbolic function of the city.
Holiday-me_Macao_Arts-Saint-Paul_208858363_1000 x 750
St. Paul’s Church facade .. the most famous place in Macau

3- Goya Castle

This fort was initially designed to defend Macao from attacks from the sea, but due to its geographical location overlooking the entire city, its main importance has become to make it as a observation post, the lighthouse stands at a height of 91 meters, and has a visible light of about 20 miles in weather conditions Net. Guia Fortress was a restricted military zone until 1976 when it opened its doors to visitors as the main tourist site in the country, and you can enter it from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

4- Senado Square

The square has been the center of Macao’s urban center for centuries and remains to this day a popular venue for celebrations, a paved square with colored stones of mosaic created by the Portuguese, surrounded by pastel colored neoclassical buildings, with the former Senate building opposite the fountain directly.
Holiday-Mac_Macao_Sinado_342060677_1000 x 750Senado Square … Macau’s most famous square

5- The internal and external port

While the inner port area of ​​Macau hosts a group of major historical and religious archaeological sites such as the first Portuguese St. Anthony Church built in Macau, the outer port is the place that will take you to a world in which modern and colonial architecture blend together, and there you can visit a number of wonderful museums.

6- Macau giant panda wing

The panda suite includes two indoor spaces and an open space dedicated to giant pandas, in addition to an area for internal exhibitions, and two tracks of different heights to see these beautiful animals. If you are visiting Macau, tickets must be purchased in advance due to the limited number of visits per day, and the suite is open every day except Monday, from ten in the morning until five in the evening.
Holiday-Mac_Macao-Tourist-Places590489630_1000 x 750Kai Kai panda in the Macao Pavilion of Giant Panda

7- City of Dreams

City of Dreams is a unique integrated resort that combines electric entertainment, an amazing array of regional and international accommodations and restaurants, as well as shopping for the most famous brands, and with the two regions of Babylon that attract visitors with amazing multimedia, and the Boulevard area that offers an elegant lifestyle that includes entertainment Restaurants and shopping malls, City of Dreams is a must-try destination in Macau.

8- Macau Venice

Venetian Macau or “Macau Venice” is one of the largest casinos and hotels in the world, all of its 3000 rooms are suites, each with an area of ​​more than 70 square meters and luxurious bathrooms in italyn marble. The resort has more than 350 stores where you can experience shopping and dazzling street artists, or ride the authentic Venetian gondola boat.

9- Macau of Paris

Another is a shopping center, hotel and casino that features its own Eiffel Tower, and has free transportation from Macau Venice, Macau International Airport, Taipa Ferry Terminal, Lotus Border and Sands Macau.
Holiday-Mai-Phenician-Macau-months-tourist-places-in-Macau_361792397_1000 x 750Gondola wandering between Macau Venice channels

10 – Roa de Cunha

Named Rua du Cunha on Portuguese explorer Tristao da Cunha, a narrow pedestrian street a short 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from Venice, it offers a variety of delicious local cuisine and some famous shops and restaurants like Lord Stowe, Gelatina Mook Yi Ki, Singh Cheung and many others.

11- Travisa da Baixao

Travisa da Baixao is also known as Love Street with a history spanning up to 80 years, where the buildings are surprisingly painted making beautiful backgrounds for taking pictures among tourists, and it is located next to the monuments of Saint Paul.

12 – Galaxy Macau

One of the best luxury resort destinations in Macau, with over 2,200 rooms, suites and villas from Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, Okura Hotels and Resorts, and Galaxy Hotel. Facilities include over 50 food and beverage outlets and premium retail markets, in addition to gardens covering 52,000 square meters, Sky Top Wave Ball, the world’s largest 4,000 square meter sky pool and beach with 350 tons of white sand. You can get there with a free transfer from the Starworld Hotel, Macau Ferry Terminal, Macau International Airport, Taipa Ferry Terminal, Lotus Border and Macau Broadway.
Holiday-Mac_Macao_The largest-casino-in-the-world_545649517_1000 x 750Venetian Macau … the largest casino in the world and the largest integrated resort in Asia

13- A-Ma Temple

Macau derives its name from “A-Ma-Gau” which means the Ama Palace, a temple dedicated to the goddess of seafarers according to Buddhist beliefs. Its history dates back to the early sixteenth century during the Ming Dynasty to commemorate Mazu, a girl A poor woman was searching for traffic to Canton, and the rich refused it and did not take it except that a humble hunter, the legend says that a devastating storm came on all the port except the boat that carries the girl, and when she arrived in Macao, the fishermen built her this temple .. You can visit this landmark from Seven in the morning until six in the evening.

14- Saint Dominic Church

Founded in 1587 by three Dominican Spanish priests who originally came from Acapulco, Mexico, this place is marked as the seat from which the first Portuguese newspaper was published in China. The bell tower at the back of the building has been converted into a small museum of sacred art with a collection of about 300 artifacts.

15- The statue of Kun Lam Ecomenical

The center has a wonderful artistic aesthetic drawn by the statue, which is 20 meters long and is made of special bronze standing on the dome that takes the form of a lotus flower, and the center specializes in providing information about Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, and opens from 10 am to 6 pm, and its doors are closed on Friday.

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