Arab travelers will accompany you on a tour of the old city of Dubai, which belongs to the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai, especially those interested in monuments. This tour is based on visiting 3 distinctive landmarks: Al-Fahidi Archeological neighborhood filled with monumental buildings, and Dubai Creek, which represents the most suitable destinations for lovers of fishing and wandering near;

A tour of the old city of Dubai

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

  • One of the most important heritage neighborhoods in the Emirates.
  • His visit represents an exciting journey to gain first-hand insight into the lifestyle that prevailed in Dubai between the mid-19th and the 1970s.
  • It includes many distinctive monumental buildings constructed with traditional materials that were common in the past, and examples of these materials include plaster, coral stone, teak wood, fronds and palm trunks.
  • It includes many famous cultural centers in Dubai in particular and the Emirates in general.
  • Organized by many distinct activities of various types and is considered one of the most prominent types of events in which cultural and artistic events are organized.
  • One of the most prominent events in which the Sikka art exhibition is organized.
  • It is the seat of ceremonies for many brilliant artists.
  • Among its highlights is the Dubai Museum, which dates back to the year 1781 AD.
  • The neighborhood includes many restaurants and cafes that are distinguished by their heritage design.
  • His visit provides an opportunity to enjoy a number of delicious dishes of traditional Emirati cuisine.

Dubai Creek

  • The Creek was one of the most important ancient marine trade routes in Dubai and is still used to date for transporting goods.
  • Many tourists prefer to wander around near, because wandering around provides the opportunity to enjoy watching a number of the most important sights in the Dubai city area.
  • Close proximity is available to a number of boat rentals with varying fees ranging from AED to 100 dirhams.
  • The Creek is a popular destination for UAE nationals and tourists alike.
  • It is near many distinctive stores that give its visitors the opportunity to purchase the finest local products in addition to many types of international products.
  • Overlooked by many fine restaurants and cafes.

Spice market

  • It occupies a prime location east of the Dubai Creek.
  • It consists of a wide range of narrow roads through which an incredible number of spices are sold.
  • It is a favorite destination for those interested in cooking and those interested in alternative medicine of various nationalities.
  • There is no fixed price for selling the spices shown in it, it depends on the bargaining.
  • The sale depends on cash.
  • The products presented in it are not limited to spices only, as there are a large number of natural perfumes.
  • Buyers are welcomed from Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm, while on Friday the period extends from 4 pm to 10 pm.

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