It is a group of islands and rocks that lie 355 km (221 mi) along the coast from Namibia, which is officially listed as offshore islands.

The island includes the largest islands with an extension of 0.90 square kilometers (0.35 sq mi) in the region. Hollam Island is the island in the northern region, which includes birds along a 10.3 km (6.4 mi). All islands measured together by about 2.35 square kilometers (0.91 sq mi) in the region.
Information about the island
Penguin Island is an island that extends about 12.5 hectares near the coast of Perth, Western Australia, and 700 meters from Rockingham. It is home to the Penguin Colony, which has the largest number of birds in Western Australia. The waters surrounding the island form a Marine Islands Park.

Access method
Regular ferries carry tourists to and from the island, with the opportunity to enjoy watching the marine park. It can also be reached by private boats or swimming. Walking through the sandy area between the tides, however it is not advisable to arrive at the time of low tide. When the high tide and strong winds are present, it affects the extent of the risk, especially for weak swimmers, which leads to many drowning accidents. Visitors should be taken to bring their supply of food and drink, as they will not find what to buy on Penguin Island, although there is a good area to spend the pleasure of sitting on a special picnic.
visit time
The island should be attended at the specified times, while access to the island is prohibited only during the specified daylight hours from mid-September to early June. This means that only a few residents live on board the island of penguins. However, there are many other attractions including the nesting seabirds and a colony of 500 pelicans.

Penguin Island has many geographical features, such as cliffs, small sea caves, heads, beaches, bays, bridges and natural fissures. There are also many platforms with wave features.
It includes large areas of Penguin Island in the north of the rock, Pelican Pelican, North Beach, South Beach, Beach and Surfers. There are many observation points and walkways in most parts of the island. Some areas are enclosed in front of the public to protect wildlife and reduce sand dune erosion.

The island was once the site of Estancia cattle and sheep, and since its removal in 1960, the number of penguins has increased. Sharing islands with cormorants, which led to the prosperity of the penguin colonies in this safe environment. The breeding season begins in early October, and ends with annual migration north in April.
Penguin Island is the island located on Yecapasela Island in Estancia Harberton, stretching 85 km (52 ​​miles) east of Ushuaia and 40 nautical miles by sea. Visitors can enjoy tours from Ushuaia, while sometimes continuing towards Estancia. A limited number of groups are allowed to walk with penguins.

Residents of the little penguin
The little penguin population that is born on the island of penguin is genetically distinct. In 2007 there were between 1,600 and 2,000 penguins on the penguin island during the most famous breeding. By 2011 the number had decreased to about 1,000. Penguins have been observed to make longer trips, making them vulnerable to malnutrition and starvation. Penguins are little born close to the island’s garden, 6.5 km to the north.

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