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Brazil or the Federal Republic of Brazil is one of the largest countries located in the continent of South America, where it was ranked fifth on the list of large countries around the world, and is characterized by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, its Christian religion, Portuguese language, and its contain many tourist places that visitors are advised to visit Examples are: Brasilia, Bertie, and São Paulo, which we will talk about in general in this article.

São Paulo

The city of São Paulo is one of the largest Brazilian cities, and it is located in the southeastern side of the country, with an area of ​​about 1522.98 km², and its population has reached about 12 million people according to the statistics of 2016, and this name was called a metaphor for Saint Paul, and perhaps the most important distinction is Several rivers pass through it, such as: the Tieti River, the Pinieros River, as well as the Tamanduate.

Climate of São Paulo

The climate of the city of São Paulo is characterized as tropical, as it is hot and warm in the summer, as the temperature sometimes reaches 28 degrees Celsius, and in the winter the temperature drops to 11 degrees Celsius, but at the same time its climate is characterized by fluctuation and instability It can be cold in the morning, then turn warm in the afternoon hours.

Tourism in São Paulo

  • Trianon Park: The park contains a museum that contains many statues and memorials dating back to World War II, as well as many large and distinctive trees.
  • Braka Libradd: It is considered a favorite among many tourists, as it houses many restaurants, and various religious ceremonies can be seen, in addition to containing many different handicrafts.
  • Panesia Tower: It is considered one of the oldest towers in the city, as it was built in the year 1947 AD, and is characterized by its stunning views of the most beautiful and beautiful areas in São Paulo.
  • Pinacoteca la Estado: It is considered one of the big museums, as it contains about 5,000 paintings.
  • São Paulo Zoo: It includes many animal species and species that reach 3000 animals.
  • Sao Bento Monastery: It is considered one of the most important churches in the city, as it contains many special pictures of the Virgin Mary, studded with pearls.
  • Sacred Art Museum: It contains many of the sacred artifacts of the people of Brazil.
  • Hobby Harry: It is a newly created theme park, which contains many different games, as well as trees and flowers.
  • Municipal Theater: Many artistic and cultural performances are held through it, and it is considered one of the most sought after by tourists.

Markets in São Paulo

  • Cultural Center: It contains many cultural and historical books, as well as various maps.
  • Art India: It houses many art and handicrafts belonging to the Indian tribes.
  • Anna Begova: It is considered one of the major markets, as it contains many French and Brazilian goods such as creams and perfumes.
  • The Galleria de Roc: It is considered one of the most preferred markets for many tourists, as it contains many commodities intended for music lovers such as: DVDs and video discs.

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